Q&A With Campbell Faces


Krista Robertson, junior, is majoring in Psychology while also being in the Army Reserve. She tells us about her journey to Campbell and what she plans on doing after graduation. Q: What is an interesting fact about yourself? A: I am currently in the Army Reserve. Q: How is that different from being in the […]

While You Were Gone… September 12-14


Beginning on Friday September 14, was Water Gun Assassin.  68 students signed up the week prior and they came before school let out for the weekend to pick up their water gun and their target.  At 3 p.m. the war began and many students were quickly hit by their an assassin.  At 7 that night, […]

Throwback Thursday


9/11             The college students right now, are the last college student who will remember where they were when they heard about the tragedy of the planes hitting the twin towers in New York, the Pentagon, and the one headed for the White House.  Many of us remember that we […]

Fire Drill


Have you had a fire drill yet in your dorm?  If not, then you probably will soon or have a false alarm due to some overcooked popcorn.  Make sure to get out quickly and always take fire drills seriously because as this video shows, it does not take long for a dorm room to become […]

Q&A with Campbell Faces


                    Brittni Adams, Club Dance President and Captain of the Dance Team, tells us what life is like for her as a Fighting Camel. She tells us the pressures of representing Campbell University and how she juggles all her responsibilities on top of all of her […]

While you were Gone… September 5-7

Friday night was Pitch Perfect Night in Turner Auditorium.  Many students, such as Jacob Carlsen, enjoyed showcasing their talents by getting on stage and singing. Jacob sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and said, “At first I was kinda nervous and shy about performing in front of everyone but as the evening progressed I saw […]

Throwback Thursday with Water Gun Assassin


                Water gun assassin has been a tradition on campus for two years and it will continue this year as well.  In 2012 was the debut of water gun assassin at campus and it was definitely a success.  For a period of about 24 hours, students hide from […]

Q&A with Campbell Faces

how not to be a freshman

JaVonte Perry is a sophomore from Louisburg, North Carolina.  He studies communication and focuses on broadcasting and media.  He has been getting a lot of practice in for his future career through his YouTube channel.  He makes videos that are funny because he loves to put a smile on other people’s faces.  JaVonte makes videos based […]

Q&A with Campbell Faces

derek rock

                      Derek Rock is a senior here at Campbell perusing music with a teacher’s licence. What is an interesting fact about you? Everyone says I look like Andrew Garfield. What are you doing after graduation? Looking for a teaching job as a high school band […]

Throwback Thursday


Last year, Campbell played UNC Charlotte for the first time in football.  Many Campbell students went with CAB and President Wallace to watch the two teams battle it out on UNCC’s campus.  It was a great trip because we got to be in the brand new stadium and watch the first ever UNCC game which […]


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