Next Week: Oct. 1 – 7, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week: Oct. 2 – Men’s Soccer vs. Virginia Tech, 7:00 pm Oct. 2 – Informal Recital, 4:10, Scott Concert Hall Oct. 3 – Hump Day Challenge Oct. 4 – Women’s Soccer vs. UNC Asheville, 7:00 pm Oct.. 4- CAB: Battle of the Bands, 8:00 pm, Turner Auditorium […]

A Heartfelt Run

What happens to our hearts when we run? Many will find out what their heart feels like when they run at the 3rd annual Campbell Cardiac 5K on Saturday, Sept. 29 at 8 am. Check out the map at: It is held to celebrate National Family Health and Fitness, and all proceeds will be donated to […]

Food Fight!!!

Have you ever dreamed of getting in a food fight? Have you wanted to throw all sorts of food at people that you may or may not know and get crazy messy? Well, there is a food fight happening on campus starting tomorrow, Sept. 25; however, it is not your typical food fight. There won’t be […]

Next Week: Sept. 24-30

A few of the featured events for next week: Sept. 24 – Indoor Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee Play Begins Sept. 26: Hump Day Challenge Sept. 26: Campus Ministry Mission Trip Interest Meeting, 6:00 pm, Taylor Hall Rm. 125 Sept. 26: Kiss the Camel Kickoff and Trivia 7:00 pm Sept. 27: PLE Lecture, 6:00 pm, Lynch Auditorium […]

Hobbits Galore


Check out these photos from Hobbit Week. There was food, fun, presentations, face painting, and plenty of hobbits to go around. If you didn’t go, you definitely missed out! You could have even dressed up like a hobbit, even though you might have been on the tall side for one.

Ahoy Mateys!

Zach Roberson as a pirate

There is a pirate that has invaded our campus. Wait! Keep calm! It is nothing to be alarmed about; he is friendly and hopefully will not steal your treasure. Who? It is Zach Roberson, a sophomore in biology. Why, you ask, has he decided to not only dress like a pirate, but also to talk […]

Sushi Night

Head out to the Student Center now for Sushi Night! It is gonna be fun and filled with tons of yummy sushi. There will even be a demonstration by Dr. You on how to make sushi!

Next Week: Sept. 17-23, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week: Sept. 17-22: Hobbit Week – Wiggins Library CMMC Sept. 17: CAB – Sushi Night, Student Center, 6:00 pm Sept. 17: Hobbit Week: Open Theatre Reading, 3rd Floor Wiggins Library Sept. 18-Nov. 7: Studio Art Class Exhibit, Sauls Gallery Sept 18: Hobbit Week: Free Face Painting, 3rd […]

Camels? Behind the Spit


We have all heard it– “your mascot is a camel? Well, that is ummm unique.” If you’re like me then you might say something like “not just a camel, but the fighting camels. There is a difference.” You may have also wondered why a camel? You may already know. My curiosity led me to check […]

Waiting Game for CAB’s Spring Break Cruise


On Sunday night (Sept. 9) students started getting in line for the Spring Break Cruise Trip. Signups did not start until 7am on Tuesday. Needless to say, they wanted that trip. Joanna D’Ancona, sophomore in communications wrote about her experience in the following log. Her group included Jacob Shires, junior in political science pre-law; Elizabeth Wells, […]


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