Professor Kenny Visits Tanzania

Kenny with some of the kids at the City of Hope

Communication Studies Professor Pete Kenny recently traveled with the Campbell Medical School to Tanzania, Africa for missionary work. Kenny spent his time at the City of Hope Medical Clinic. The clinic is an important establishment for the local people. If the clinic were not there, then the closest medical assistance would be an hour away. […]

Float or Sink?


    Cardboard is meant to box things up with, make toy houses out of, and maybe even a cardboard car, but a boat? Yes, a cardboard boat. Sounds like a soggy mess,  but it is indeed happening at the pool. Teams have come together to build cardboard boats to race tonight at 7pm. Come […]

This Week: Feb.25-Mar. 3, 2013

This Week: Feb. 25- Mar. 3, 2013 A few of the featured events for this week: Mon. Feb. 25 –Goo Goo Dolls pre-sale tickets go on sale, Student Center, 9:00am- 5:00pm Mon Feb. 25– Men’s Tennis vs. Radford, 2:00pm Tues. Feb. 26– Women’s Lacrosse vs. Longwood, 7:00pm Wed. Feb. 27–Cardboard Boat Races, Johnson Natatorium, 7:00pm Wed. […]

Sex Signals

When I think of Campbell University, sexual awareness usually doesn’t come to mind. In fact, sexual awareness doesn’t really cross my train of thought very often. But if I learned one thing from the lecture Monday night titled Sex Signals, it’s that things like male and female stereotypes and sexual awareness are prevalent in college […]

This Week: Feb.18-24, 2013

This Week: Feb. 18- 24, 2013 A few of the featured events for this week: Mon. Feb. 18 –Lecture: Sex Signals, Turner Auditorium, 8:00pm Wed. Feb. 20–Take Back the Night, Camel Statue, 7:00pm Wed. Feb. 20- Fastest Woman Alive, Ellis Theater, 7:00pm Fri. Feb. 22– Shopping and Movie, Southpoint Mall, 5:00pm Sat. Feb. 23– Glow in the […]

Campbell Makes National News

Campbell made national news today on Good Morning America as our golfers shot 9 balls into the same hole at one time. Way to go Campbell! Check out the video, starting at minute 13:30:

Chocolate is Nice, but Love is Better

It seems that as soon as February shows up on our calendars, an over abundance of the colors pink and red start to don the world around us. Hearts are blatant everywhere, and chocolate and flowers are in high demand. It is completely obvious that Cupid’s favorite holiday is upon us–Valentine’s Day. How, though, did this […]

Get Your Beach On


Sand in your toes, the sound of waves hitting the shore, with the sun shining down; the thought and image makes you crave for warmer, less gloomy days. Oh, what would you do to get to enjoy that scene? Not just for a day either, but for 4 days and 3 nights. You might not […]

This Week: Feb.11-17, 2013

This Week: Feb. 11- 17, 2013 A few of the featured events for this week: Wed. Feb 13– Men’s Basketball vs. Liberty, Convocation Center, 7:00pm Wed. Feb 13– Mary Poppins, DPAC, 5:00pm Thurs. Feb 14– Women’s Basketball vs. Gardner-Web, Convocation Center, 7:00pm Fri. Feb.15– Movie Night: Skyfall, Turner Auditorium, 7:00pm Be sure to check out […]

Goo Goo Dolls: What You Need to Know


There has been one group’s name going around campus this past week, and this time, it’s not an athletic team. CAB announced on Monday night, during the Nelly’s Echo concert, that American alternative rock (alt-rock) band The Goo Goo Dolls will headline this year’s Spring Concert. Now, I know what you are thinking. Who the […]


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