Jam Session

Come out to the Jam Session, hosted by CAB, in the Wallace Student Center on March 17th, 2016 at 8pm. Xzavier Williams, a returning participant of the Jam Sessions believes, “ the overall talent that comes out is very good and it is a lot of fun to watch the talent. It is also a lot of fun to meet new people and hang out with friends.” Xzavier loves to sing, and perform songs that he has written himself. If you enjoy singing or even just playing an instrument this is a great event to network and socialize with other talented students.

Below: Xzavier Williams performing his songs.


By: Emily LaBonte

Party in the Park Video

Did you come out to the Party in the Park on Friday August 21, 2015? Check out this video and see if you can spot yourself!  If you missed the event, watch the recap to see what went down.

Video By: Hannah Gooding

Date Night

On Thursday, January 29th at 7:00pm over 30 students gathered in the Rumley Center to enjoy an evening of fun and festivities centered around dating on campus.

Date Night, the special event hosted by the Campus Activities Board, provided students with an enjoyable evening of games that tested their resilience as a couple and their potential to become a couple in the future.

“It was a lot of fun. It was cool that we knew that much about each other.” said Beth Potter, a Freshman biology major and participant in the first round of games that evening, the newly-wed game which hilariously tested how well each couples knew one another.

“I thought we were gonna miss a couple of them that we got right, that was pretty cool.” said Trevor Miller, a Junior Exercise Science Major, and one of the evening’s game winners, rising to the top of the newly-wed game.

With two rounds of humorously exciting games that were definite crowd pleasers, the evening’s participants played not only the newly-wed game to test their knowledge of one another, but then played the dating game to test their potential compatibility, much in the fashion of speed dating.

Featuring corny pickup lines, the dating game put a comical twist on the traditionally clique speed dating environment, treating the students gathered to a more enjoyable and relaxed environment.

From hilarious couple stories to cheesy pick up lines to fantastic prizes and the latest music, the Campus Activity Board’s Date Night was a crowd pleasing event that brought dozens of students together for a casual evening away from the cold outside and impending homework to enjoy one another and put a very humorous spin on the age old game of romance on a college campus.


















Written By: Louis Duke

Hunger and Homelessness Week: A Place to Call Home

This past week was Hunger and Homelessness Week at Campbell University.  There were many different events designed to raise awareness for the homeless.  On Tuesday at 1:30, a documentary was shown in Turner Auditorium.  It was called A Place to Call Home and was made by Rebecca Kenyon, who is from the United Kingdom.  Ms. Kenyon has family in Wilmington and that is where the documentary was filmed.  A Place to Call Home  followed the lives of several homeless people and also people who work to help the homeless.  One man was named Vince and at the beginning of the film he lived under some stairs in a parking garage.  He, along with another character, Jerome, would volunteer at places like churches, or helping clean up the city in order to hopefully receive a job out of it.  Jerome lived under a bridge at the beginning but was forced to move to the woods so people would not see him.  He also attended Cape Fear Community College, but had to drop out due to failing grades.  This leaves a question worth thinking about: Are there people in your class here at Campbell who may be going through something similar?  Or how would you cope with the stress of school without having a place to call your own.

DSC_0369 This is a picture of Rebecca as she discusses the film with students after the viewing.

Soccer Scarfs: How to get one

Yesterday the women’s soccer team played High Point here at Campbell.  Students recieved word on Monday that soccer scarfs would be handed out to the first students who arrived at the men’s and women’s soccer games.  This was a coveted item and students began lining up around 5:20.  Although the game wouln’t start till 7, the gates opened at 6 and that is when the scarfs were handed out.  100 scarfs were handed out by 6:11 p.m.  Only 11 minutes to run out of scarfs.  If you didn’t get one last night and you want one, make sure to keep in mind what time you should arrive.  They have 100 more scarfs to hand out tonight at the men’s soccer game, so be sure to come out and support the men’s soccer team as they play High Point.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

Bacon Day Fall 2014

Bacon Day was a success! For those of you who missed out on the delicious festivities, here is a recap.

Video By: Hannah Gooding

Welcome Week 2014

Here is a recap of Welcome Week 2014: The Best Week Ever.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to everyone who made it a success.

By: Hannah Gooding