A Sea of Orange

The proud sea of orange!

As I rode through Buies Creek coming back from an event out of town, I was met with a sight that filled me with pride–lights and a sea of orange. The football field was lit up in bright lights for the second game of the season and showcased fans dressed to support thier Fighting Camels. It was definitely a sight that could not be missed riding down 421 HWY.

The night was a special one as it was Military Appreication Day at the game. Veterans and those with military ID recieved two free tickets for the game. It was a little way to say thank you to those who serve our country. Thanks to them, we have the freedom to do much, including watching football. A special halftime show was performed with drills.

“I enjoyed the halftime show because it reminded me of the drill that I did in JROTC in high school. I also enjoyed the pledge that was made by the ROTC because of the honor and commitment it takes to take the pledge,” said Nicole Fitzgerald, Social Work sophomore.

What made me even more proud than the sight of Campbell excitement was when I learned we won against Virginia Wise Cavaliers 10-0! Now that is good news–the first win of the season! I only wish I could have seen it for myself! From that field of orange, though, Campbell was well supported even though rain was present. Go Camels!

Leigh Nash Visits the “Creek”

Leigh Nash, a Texas native, came to the “Creek” on Tuesday to give an outstanding performance. Her music gave hints of soft rock and indie, and  songs such as “Kiss Me” and “Breathe Your Name” were heard coming out of Turner Auditorium at the CAB event.

Nash got her start in the 90’s band Sixpence None the Richer, but is now producing a solo album.

The audience was able to listen to Nash perform songs from her solo album, as well as, Sixpence None the Richer band. She took time to take questions and comments in between songs and after the show. The crowd was enthusiastic and enjoyed getting to know Nash. A big thanks goes out to CAB for putting the event on and Ms. Nash for coming out!