It’s Yearbook time!!

Have you stop by to receive your year book? If not, come by the student center. There will be a table located in there with a few of our yearbook staff. We will pass our year books from April 27th until April 4th in the student center starting at 10:00 am. If you have any question please just ask! We are all excited to show you the hard work and effort the yearbook staff has brought forward this year.Tshirt 12116 copy

Living off campus!

Name: anoymous

hometown: Raleigh

Year: 2018


Some of you may think living off of campus is pretty crazy, or some of you may think it’s the best thing! As a senior this year I decided to move back at home. I lived on campus the previous year, but I wanted to live off of campus. As we are heading towards the ending of spring semester I am so happy I decided to live off of campus. Not only do I get to see my family more, but I get to save more money!! I do miss many things that go during the day on campus, but social media always keeps us up! I’m not really involved in anything, however, I do attend lots of the physical activity classes. My favorite is Zumba. The dance instructors are amazing, and I always encourage others to attend the classes. Since I’m not really involved in anything zumba classes gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends! That is one thing I will miss when I graduate this May!




Did you know?

Did you know that Campbell University offers a Spanish clinic for children? This past weekend a couple of our Spanish Majors/ Minors helped out during the clinic. During the clinic on Saturday morning,  our students taught and helped out all of the younger children. With this, we teach them different topics, for example: teach them fruits in Spanish, the months, or even body parts. The Spanish clinic helps others, but most of all it lets future Camels know we are the place to go! Go Camels!!

Sexual Assault Awareness Week

This week was Sexual Assault Awareness Week here at Campbell! There were many different events each day like a Step Up block party, a high energy performance, and informative session, a chance to here from survivors. Students won all types of prices from t-shirts to food and who doesn’t love free food right! Overall this was a great week on campus and we had fun while learning important information!

“It’s in God’s Hands now”

Last night was the final night of preliminary competition.

Graduate student Brittany Thornton competed in swimsuit

Sami McDaniel played a beautiful piece on the piano for her talent

Scarlett Short performed a lyrical dance for her talent

Sue Ann Forrest wore a stunning green evening gown and answered her onstage question about how women need a good role model.

The judges use numbers to say how many points they received for each part of the competition and by tonight, for the final, all the numbers will be added up and the top ten will be revealed.  The top ten then go to compete in evening gown, talent, and swimsuit/fitness again and the judges will score them based only on tonight’s performance.

Last night after the competition was over I heard someone say, “It’s up to the numbers now.” But Sophomore Scarlett Short said “It’s in God’s hands now.”


Written By: Hannah Gooding

It’s Getting Down to the Wire

Last night, Thursday June 23, was the second night of preliminary competition for the Miss North Carolina competition.

Sami McDaniel competed in Swimsuit and fitness

Scarlett Short competed in Swimsuit and fitness as well.

Both of these ladies are in the same group, both wore a green swimsuit, and are both rising sophomores at Campbell.

Campbell graduate student,  Brittany Thornton, competed in evening gown and onstage question. Brittany is a Trust and Wealth Management student in our Business school.

Campbell alumni Sue Ann Forrest competed in talent with a monologue about something that actually happened to her.  The monologue was titled “Nice to Meet You”.

Sue Ann’s monologue was about changing the was the wold views women and empowering them to defy stereotypes.

Keith Boyette, one of Sue Ann’s biggest cheerleaders this week was very proud of her monologue.

“I think Sue Ann’s talent was perfect, it was a perfect description of her and a clear representation of how Sue Ann is and everything she believes in.” -Keith Boyette

Tonight Scarlett Short and Sami McDaniel will be competing in talent and Sami says that this is her favorite part of the competition.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

“The Best is yet to Come”

Wednesday June 22 was the first night of the preliminary competitions for the girls to compete to see who will be the next Miss North Carolina.  The ladies are divided into three different groups and each group does a different element of the competition each night. on Wednesday, here is what the Campbell students did.

Sue Ann Forrest: Swim Suit/ Fitness

Sami McDaniel: Evening Gown/Onstage Question

Scarlett Short: Evening Gown/Onstage Question

In addition to these three, there is also a Campbell graduate student, Brittany Thorton.

Brittany Thorton: Talent

Sue Ann was one of the fittest in her group while Sami wore a green dress that shone as bright as the Emerald City. Scarlett wore a dress that lived up to her name.  She wore a stunning red dress with red earrings.

“It was a great night.  The best is yet to come.” -Scarlett Short

Written By: Hannah Gooding