Ahoy Mateys!

There is a pirate that has invaded our campus. Wait! Keep calm! It is nothing to be alarmed about; he is friendly and hopefully will not steal your treasure. Who? It is Zach Roberson, a sophomore in biology. Why, you ask, has he decided to not only dress like a pirate, but also to talk like one? Well, the simple fact is that it is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not to mention, if he dresses up as a pirate, he can get a free dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, as can anyone else who joins the crew of pirates. If you don’t want to dress like a pirate, then you can get a single free doughnut just by talking like a pirate. Besides the free doughnuts though, it is kind of fun to say “Ahoy!” and “Arrrr” all day.

National Talk Like a Pirate Day was started by John Baur and Mark Summers during a game of racquetball. Apparently, one pulled something when playing, and instead of saying “Ouch!” he said “Arrrr!” The two went with it and kept up the pirate lingo. That was June 6, 1995. They decided they would continue the tradition but not on June 6th, as that is D-Day. They decided on celebrating it on September 19th, Summers’s ex-wife’s birthday. It didn’t become an official holiday until 2002, 10 years ago.  It is an interesting story that gave way to a huge phenomenon. It is now celebrated every September 19th all over the world.

So, it is happy birthday to not only Talk Like a Pirate Day, but today is Zach’s birthday. Make sure to tell him happy birthday when you see his pirate self! Don’t be afraid to join in on the fun with him. You can get free doughnuts for pete’s sake! Arrr!

Here are some pirate words to help you celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day:


Avast!—Whoa, look at that!



These are just the basics. To learn more about Talk Like a Pirate Day, visit http://talklikeapirate.com/piratehome.html.

Camels? Behind the Spit

We have all heard it– “your mascot is a camel? Well, that is ummm unique.” If you’re like me then you might say something like “not just a camel, but the fighting camels. There is a difference.” You may have also wondered why a camel? You may already know. My curiosity led me to check out the story behind the camel. So, here it is… (according to Campbell’s website)

The history of the camel is kind of fuzzy. Apparently, we used to be the Hornets in the 20’s and 30’s, but that all changed in between 1933-1934. No one really knows why it was changed, but it was.

One theory is that camels came from an encounter between Z.T. Kivett and Dr. James Archibald Campbell. After one of the buildings burned down, Dr. Campbell was stating his discouragement to Mr. Kivett. Kivett, in response said, “Your name’s Campbell; then get a hump on you! We’ve got work to do.” Well, Dr. Campbell heard, “You’re a camel, get a hump on you.” Therefore, getting the name camel.

It is kind of a humorous story, but there it is. We are unique! There is only one other camel mascot in the USA, and we are the only one in Division 1. Check out these camel random facts!

  • Camels have been known to eat vegetation, meat, or bone
  • Camels’ normal diet consists of hay, grass, and grains such as wheat and oats
  • Camels have 3 sections to their stomachs. They swallow their food whole and regurgitate it back to be chewed as cud.
  • Camels don’t really spit saliva but spit the cud when agitated
  • Camels are related to llamas and alpacas
  • Camels are pregnant for 13 months
  • Camels are known as “ships of the desert”
  • Camels have 34 teeth
  • Camels’ humps are mostly fat
  • Camels have a 3rd eyelid that acts as a windshield wiper to clean the eye of sand
  • The Campbell camel is a Dromedary camel because it only has one hump
  • Camels’ hair can be made into clothing and makes really warm coats

Take a Camel quiz and see how much you know! http://fohn.net/camel-pictures-facts/camel-quiz.html

Connections– yay or nay?

CUW has had an identity change, and it is now called Connections. It has officially completed its 3rd week. There are positive, confusing, and annoying changes that leave many undecided about the benefits of the change.

“Choosing where I sit is an obvious bonus, but I also like that there are more events to choose from and go to. There is more options which provides something for everyone,” said Emily McIntosh, a sophomore in communication broadcasting.

Not only can we sit where we want in Turner Auditorium, but we now have the choice to go to Wednesday 10 o’clock meetings like normal or go to events such as plays, concerts, worship services, and community service. The option of picking and choosing is now available; however, with this new found freedom also comes the added responsibility of calculating our attendance up. This has been made easier by incorporating Blackboard to make life so much simpler.

Yet, with every new program, come negative results and kinks.

“While I like being able to choose what we go to, it seemed to be easier to just show up to Wednesday CUW than figuring out all these added events,” said Joanna D’Ancona, a communication pre-law major sophomore.

Indeed, it does seem to be added work. Before, we could miss 2 CUW’s, but now we can’t miss any. If we do, than we have to make it up with 2 events because there are not as many CUW’s as events required; however, if we go to every single CUW, then we get all the credit we need. Confusing right? To make things clearer for all, to obtain credit in Connections, you have to get 15 credits, aka go to 15 events. 8 of those have to be in the spiritual formation section. If you go to 8 CUW’s, and pick 7 events to go to than you are good to go, but it is Connections so the choice is all yours. The syllabus gives a list of approved events and explains everything in detail.

Overall, it is nice to have options and be able to sit where you want. Now, if only we could learn that they will make you sit towards the front and in the middle so people do not have to crawl over others. It is a learning process for all and will hopefully turn out well. For now we will just try to sort out the confusion, plan our attendance, and get excited about the long awaited flash drives with the important syllabus loaded on it.