Fall Meal Plan Deal

Sign up for your early fall meal plan and receive a punch card for over $75 on all your campus favorites! These places include: chick-fil-a, starbucks, moe’s, boar’s head, pizza, and java city. Sign up before May 1st to be qualitified for the punch card!

Cram Jam for Exams

Campbell University’s academic support services have extended tutoring and writing center hours on April 23-24th. Plus, there will be free food! It will be held from 5-10 pm in Lundy Fetterman- room 149 and Engr-Carrie Rich on the 2nd floor on 4/23. Then, on April 24th it will be held in Wiggins Library. There are no appointments needed. Take Advanage of this opportunity to better prepare for the final exams!

CU there!

Becoming a Teacher

Bailey Fulcher is a senior Elementary Education major here at Campbell. Featured in the picture above is Bailey and her practicum teacher shadow. She wanted to become a teacher because she has always loved working with kids. She will hopefully be teaching the second grade once she gets hired to a school. She loves how supportive Campbell’s education program and teachers are. They are always making sure the students are prepared and have whatever they need to be able to pass the licensure test and other classes. One thing Bailey has struggled with as an education major was practicum. Practicum is the hardest semester for an Education major because the students have to be at their job shadow school’s almost everyday, while teaching for hours, and then have classes back on campus.

Campbell’s education program has prepared me for this next big step by giving me all the opportunities I need to find jobs and to become the best teacher I can be.

Bailey Fulcher

Her advice to young education majors would be to start taking the licensure test as soon as you can. Also, to ask professors for advice on what to study and where to find it! As well as, always remember to keep a good attitude especially around the kids because they pick up on moods. Bailey is looking forward to having her own classroom and class of students. Also, she is looking forward to being able to create her own seating chart to put her students where she knows that they will work and learn their best. 

Student-Athlete: Q&A

This is Hannah McCravy, a senior softball player here at Campbell University.

What is your favorite part about being a student-athlete?

My favorite part of being a student athlete is being able to make new relationships with other student-athletes on and off the field.

What is the hardest part about being a student-athlete?

The hardest part of being a student-athlete is managing my time wisely. Being able to make good grades and be great on the softball field is very time consuming but worth it in the end. 

What is your regular day schedule?

My regular schedule starts by waking up at 5:30 for 6am weights, then class from 8-1:50 and practice 2:15 until 5:30. Then, I usually get dinner with my teammates and get ready to take on the next day by doing school work. On days when I have extra time, I like to play mini basketball with my roomies.

How do you keep yourself balanced with school and sports?

I have to make sure I plan my day out before it has started. I need to know what I have to get accomplished before and after practice so that I am prepared. I like to keep a calendar that tells me when assignments are due and when I need to start working on those assignments.

What advice would you have for a freshman student-athlete that you have learned over the years?

My advice I would give to a freshman student-athlete would be to never take the days on and off the field for granted. Do not let school or sports stress out too much to the point where you forget to have fun. Remember you are apart of the 6% of college students that get to be apart of an athletic team, take pride in that and be the best version of yourself as you can. 

How does it feel to call yourself a student-athlete here at Campbell?

It feels great to be able to call myself a student-athlete here at Campbell because of how hard I have worked to get here and how awesome the athletic department is. It is crazy thinking about all of the outstanding athletes that have been apart of and are currently apart of Campbell athletics. I’m definitely proud to say that I am a fighting camel. Roll humps!

Makeup Obession

One of Darlys Gibson’s obsession is make-up. Makeup is highly used and loved because it is a great confidence booster and can help hide imperfections. Also, in this generation, celebrities are really push this trend by making their own brands and getting people to really want those products. Darlys’s passion for makeup started with her hometown best friend that would always practice on her when they had sleepovers. She always loved the look and it made her feel very pretty. She did not want to always have to get someone else to do her make up so, that drove her to get into doing it herself.

 I really enjoy watching Tarte’s YouTube channel. I have a lot of their products, so it is an easy step by step process for me to follow. Also, I enjoy watching Faith Drew, she talks about affordable and good quality makeup she finds at the drug store. Youtube is a great helper if you want to get into doing makeup.

Darlys Gibson

Darlys uses ipsy, which is a makeup subscription service that is only $10.70 a month. They send 5-6 products a month that are usually sample sized and includes a cute small bag that all the products fit in. She has been using the subscription for over a year and loves it! It is really good for trying new products and brands. Some of the coolest products she has gotten would be new brushes and nail polish!

Some of Darlys favorite high-end brands are Tarte Cosmetics, Pür, and Morphe. As well as, Wet-n-Wild for her favorite drugstore brand. In total, she spent an estimate of about $5,000 worth of make up since her freshman year at Campbell. On a daily basis, she always makes sure to wash her face and use a moisturizer! But, for her everyday look she likes to use primer, foundation, concealer, a neutral brown color scheme, eyeliner, mascara, and highlighter. Depending on the look she is going for determines how long it will take her to do her makeup. It can take about 15 minutes, but if she is getting ready to go on a date, or an event, it can take her almost an hour because she likes to take her time.

CU Cheerleading

This year the CU cheer team attended the NCA Nationals for the first year in school history. They finished top 12 in their division, which is amazing for the program and Campbell University. With the coaching staff and teammates returning they have a great chance to finish top five next year!

Senior Matthew Minga featured in the photo above has made a huge impact for the cheerleading program. As a senior for this team many of his fellow teammates looked up to him when it came to things on and off the mat. This year majority of the team was young, therefore, he spent a lot of time mentoring them about how to balance being a student-athlete and time management. Also, he continued to stay on the team about nutrition and pushing them to be the best they could be even outside of practice. Matthew’s first year at Campbell he was friends with a few of the cheerleaders and they asked him to try out but it wasn’t until his sophomore year that he came out and found that he really enjoyed it. A passion of his is weight lifting, so instead of lifiting iron he lifts people!

“The greatest thing about being apart of Campbell Cheer was the relationships I made while being on the team and the network opportunities that were created. Also, traveling to different schools with amazing people was a great experience.”

Matthew Minga

Avengers: End Game Movie Trip

The new Avengers: End Game is releasing this Friday in the movie theaters and if you want to join us for an exam break trip signups start today! This trip costs only $5 and includes transportation and movie ticket. We will be leaving this Sunday at 2 pm. Go to the info desk in the student center for more information and signups!

CU there!