Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You Your Homecoming King

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“I am honored to serve as the 2012 Homecoming King, and to have Lindsay Rusche serving with me as Homecoming Queen. As Executive Vice President of the Student Government and Editor-in-Chief of the Pine Burr Yearbook, I have tried to work hard to represent the students of Campbell University. Nothing makes me happier, than seeing my fellow students thrive and benefit from our community. Our university is much different than your average school. There are few other places where you can meet with professors and they actually know who you are. There are few other places where you can find the comfort of faith and fellowship like in Buies Creek, and there are few other places where students can truly make an impact on their university. These things make me Campbell proud; and I am privileged to represent such distinct ideals. I have never felt this pride stronger than seeing a sea of orange along the Homecoming parade route or peering out at the passionate Fighting Camels fans at the 45 yard line during halftime. I thank everyone who voted to give me this opportunity to represent Orange and Black and for reminding me of why we are blessed to call Buies Creek home. Go Camels!”

Written by: Nolan Perry


A Calling Found

Many students on campus find themselves bored or not ever finding their niche. Not Emily McIntosh, though! In her first semester, Emily was looking for a job for work study. As we all know, those are not always easy to find. What started out as a search for a job, became a discovery of something she loved and wonderful connections.

“In a desperate attempt to find a work-study opportunity, I went to my advisor, Dr. Farmer. He introduced me to Chris Hemeyer, the Athletics Marketing Coordinator here at Campbell. Soon after my search, I was learning everything from the ins and outs of a video camera to how to edit and create videos for Campbell Athletics.

After my first go-around at filming and editing, I knew quickly that I was in the right place! I have learned more in one Tuesday afternoon than I would in a weeks worth of class. Not only that, I was able to take what I had learned in my previous Comm. Studies classes and apply them to this experience. When I had the chance to interview the wrestling coaches for the upcoming year, I took what I had learned in Writing for the Mass Media about how to conduct and interview and put it into practice. Take it from me – there are few better feelings than applying what you heard from a lecture into real life!

The time I spent with Mr. Hemeyer and his colleagues has also helped me decide my career path. As an incoming Freshman, I was a Generalist Communication Studies major. But after this experience, I changed my concentration to Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

On a typical day, I will do one of many things. Some days, I go on-site and interview coaches and players using a video camera and a microphone. Other days, I film b-roll for other projects. Still other days, I stay in McKay Hall, editing and creating videos to broadcast on as well as the Fighting Camels official Facebook and Twitter page. And to think, people actually get paid to do all of this!

Put simply, the opportunity I have been given has provided me with more than I could ever expect. The connections I have made and the experiences I have gained not only provide a great way to pass the time, they also give me that much-needed advantage in the job market after I graduate.”

There you have it. Don’t be afraid to go on your own search for something you like! Check out these videos. Emily edited and helped promote the volleyball clip and filmed, edited and created the basketball segment.

Next Week: Oct. 22-28, 2012

Next Week: Oct.22-28, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week:

Oct: 23: Women’s Soccer vs. High Point, 7-9 pm

Oct. 24: CAB: Hump Day Challenge

Oct. 24: Fine Arts: Angelo Rondello Master Class,  9:30-11am, Scott Concert Hall

Oct. 24: Informal Recital,4:10- 5 pm, Scott Concert Hall

Oct. 25: Broom Hockey Captains Meeting, Carter Gym, Room 107

Oct. 25: CAB: Wheelchair Basketball, 6-8pm, Baskettball courts behind Carter Gym

Oct. 25: Seussicall the Musical, 7-9 pm, Fine Arts Building, Ellis Theater

Oct. 26: CAB: Scavenger Hunt,6-10pm, Academic Circle

Oct. 26: Seussical the Musical, 7-9pm, Fine Arts Building, Ellis Theater

Oct. 26: Women’s Volleyball vs. Gardner-Web, 7 pm

Oct. 27: Women’s Volleyball vs. UNC Asheville, 2pm

Oct. 27: Men’s Soccer vs. UNC Asheville, 7pm

Oct. 27: Seussical the Musical, 7-9 pm, Fine Arts Building, Ellis Theater

Oct. 27: Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman, 9pm, Turner Auditorium

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and

What’s the Fair to Ya?

For many, the North Carolina State Fair is a must-go-to annual event. For some, it’s about the food… fried Oreos, funnel cakes, fresh-squeezed lemonade, turkey legs, and the list goes on. For others, it’s about the rides, spinning around at fast speeds or the view at the top of the ferris wheel. For still others, it’s about the games that they get drawn into to win that prize for a special someone…or maybe just for themselves. The fair is a special place that affects all the senses.

For me, though, it is not about all those things. Yes, I like my fair food, even though I feel like I need to run a mile afterwards to burn the calories off. I do get a thrill out of sitting at the top of the ferris wheel and slamming into people with bumper cars; however, for me, what I look forward to at the fair are the shows. No, I’m not talking about the concerts; I’m talking about the livestock shows.

For the past 10 years of my life, I have been showing livestock at the NC State Fair, including goats, sheep, and pigs. I get to show off the animals that I have been working with for months prior to the show and see them win ribbons. I get to spend time with my family and friends. Most importantly, I get to do something I love. Now that I am in college, I have been asked if I would continue showing. The answer was simple… yes! Allyson Brake, a Communication major at Campbel,l who also shows livestock, will hop in the car with me, and we will ride together to shows after classes. I have even convinced my roommate, Emily McIntosh, to come join in on the fun. She can now tell you the basics of livestock and how important they are. She can also clip a goat. To think, she was just a city girl from Jersey before she met me. The fair does not mean the same thing to everyone, but we all enjoy it for own personal reasons. The state fair sees a lot of us Campbell students visit, and in return, the fair gives back through the special memories and good times that we share with family and friends. There is still time to make your memories at the fair. It runs through Sunday, so head on up and eat a funnel cake for me while your there.

Written by: Marisa Linton


POD’s Got New Hours

Just to let everyone know, the POD has new hours. They are now open at 7 am which is ideal for those who have 8am classes. So, go out and use your meal plan or Campbell Bucks to get that great start to your day. It may be super early, but hopefully it will be made better by breakfast at the POD. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. Don’t take too long to go, though. If students do not take advantage of the new hours, POD will go back to their original opening time.

Written by: Marisa Linton

Are You Hungry?

Have you ever gone hungry? I’m not talking about the “ohhhh I skipped breakfast and my stomach won’t be quiet”. I’m talking about honest to goodness hunger. The kind of hunger that you can’t quiet because you don’t have the means. Sadly, many, too many, have felt, and are feeling this hunger.

The Campbell Social Work Club is holding a Hunger Banquet on Nov. 5th at 6pm in Carter Gym. The Hunger Banquet is to create awareness about the hunger around us. Upon entering the banquet, guests draw tickets that place them in the categories of high, middle, or low-income. They will receive meals based on which class they pulled. Guests will discover just what is going on around them. Pastor Steve Hickle, from Stop Hunger Now, will speak at the event.

Tickets are $3 or 3 cans of food which is all collected at the door. All donations will go towards supporting Stop Hunger Now and Harnett County Food Pantry.

RSVP by Oct. 30th by emailing Dr. Mallard Barnes at or calling at 910-893-1642.

CU there!

Written by: Marisa Linton

Hypnotizingly Hilarious

Hypnosis has a long history dating back to ancient times where the main use of it was medicinal. In 18th century, Franz Anton Mesmer Continue reading “Hypnotizingly Hilarious”