Professor Kenny Visits Tanzania

Communication Studies Professor Pete Kenny recently traveled with the Campbell Medical School to Tanzania, Africa for missionary work. Kenny spent his time at the City of Hope Medical Clinic. The clinic is an important establishment for the local people. If the clinic were not there, then the closest medical assistance would be an hour away. Campbell University has a relationship with the City of Hope and takes students there for mission work every few years. Everyone who goes is touched in some way.

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Kenny describes the trip to Tanzania as an overall great experience. He told several stories from the trip, but the one that stood out the most was about how a child had gotten a burn on her body.The mother had brought her child in, but they had been sent home.  When the doctor came in and saw the picture, he was immediately concerned the child needed medical attention. The mother had no phone so they had no way to contact her.They sent someone out to where she lived to bring the baby to see the doctor.  The mother walked the entire way holding her severely burned daughter in her arms. When they got there, the little girl was treated for the burn and taken care of.  Throughout the many trials that these people endure, they do not complain, but are instead, grateful for whatever they get. Professor Kenny said that all the people he met while on the trip, especially the kids, made it a heart-moving experience.

To see more stories of the City of Hope, visit

Written by: Ashley Howerton

Contributed by:Marisa Linton


Float or Sink?




Cardboard is meant to box things up with, make toy houses out of, and maybe even a cardboard car, but a boat? Yes, a cardboard boat. Sounds like a soggy mess,  but it is indeed happening at the pool. Teams have come together to build cardboard boats to race tonight at 7pm. Come out and cheer them on as they race to the finish line and see if they float or sink.

Written by: Marisa Linton

This Week: Feb.25-Mar. 3, 2013


This Week: Feb. 25- Mar. 3, 2013

A few of the featured events for this week:

Mon. Feb. 25 –Goo Goo Dolls pre-sale tickets go on sale, Student Center, 9:00am- 5:00pm

Mon Feb. 25– Men’s Tennis vs. Radford, 2:00pm

Tues. Feb. 26– Women’s Lacrosse vs. Longwood, 7:00pm

Wed. Feb. 27–Cardboard Boat Races, Johnson Natatorium, 7:00pm

Wed. Feb. 27– Men’s Basketball vs. Longwood, Convocation Center, 7:00pm

Thurs. Feb. 28–Women’s Tennis vs. Liberty, 2:00pm

Fri. Mar. 1– Men’s Baseball vs. Lafayette, 3:00pm

Sat. Mar. 2– Men’s Baseball vs. Lafayette, 1:00pm and 4:00pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

This Week: Fun Calendar

Enjoy and celebrate the not so famous and odd holidays.

Mon. Feb. 25- Sadly, there isn’t anything going on this day. It is just the Monday before Spring Break.

Tues. Feb. 26- National Personal Chef’s Day– I could go for that.

Wed. Feb. 27- Inconveniance Yourself Day–As if I don’t accidently do that enough already.

Thurs. Feb. 28-National Tooth Fairy Day

Fri. Mar. 1- Pig Day; It is also Pay Someone a Compliment Day and Dress in Blue Day. So, while your celebrating the awesomeness of pigs, you can say something nice to someone (or the pig) while wearing blue.

Sat.Mar. 2- Dr. Seuss Day

Sun. Mar. 3- I Want You to be Happy Day

Sex Signals

stock-vector-man-woman-love-the-relationships-between-men-and-women-81564211When I think of Campbell University, sexual awareness usually doesn’t come to mind. In fact, sexual awareness doesn’t really cross my train of thought very often.

But if I learned one thing from the lecture Monday night titled Sex Signals, it’s that things like male and female stereotypes and sexual awareness are prevalent in college culture, whether we think about it or not.

Hosted by two young adults from Chicago, the program focused on society’s warped views of males and females as well as raising awareness for issues involving dating and sex such as rape. But instead of giving their message in the lecture style, the program interacted with the audience through improvisation and asking questions to keep students interested.

Along with information, the program also provided a list of resources for those who need it to seek help regarding sexual issues. The hosts talked about resources like counseling services here at Campbell and websites like, which reached out to people like rape survivors or other people seeking guidance.

At first, I almost considered not going to the program. I don’t typically go to parties, I’m not sexually active, and I imagine a good time as a night of Panda Express and a How I Met Your Mother marathon on the couch. But I learned that night that the information the program provided can benefit everyone. Issues like society’s warped views of genders, sexual assault, and rape don’t go away just because I don’t see them. And by being aware of these issues, I as well as those who attended can take action.

Written by: Emily McIntosh

This Week: Feb.18-24, 2013


This Week: Feb. 18- 24, 2013

A few of the featured events for this week:

Mon. Feb. 18 –Lecture: Sex Signals, Turner Auditorium, 8:00pm

Wed. Feb. 20–Take Back the Night, Camel Statue, 7:00pm

Wed. Feb. 20- Fastest Woman Alive, Ellis Theater, 7:00pm

Fri. Feb. 22– Shopping and Movie, Southpoint Mall, 5:00pm

Sat. Feb. 23– Glow in the Dark Event, Carter Gym, 8:00pm

Sat. Feb. 23– Men’s Baseball vs. Hartford, Jim Perry Stadium, 1:00pm and 4:00pm

Sat. Feb. 23– Men’s Tennis vs Radford, 1:00pm

Sat. Feb. 23–Women’s Lacrosse vs. Kennesaw State, 7:00pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

This Week: Fun Calendar

Enjoy and celebrate the not so famous and odd holidays.

Mon. Feb. 18- President’s Day, but on a less boring note it is also Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day. Don’t ask.

Tues. Feb. 19- Chocolate Mint Day. Ummm yes!

Wed. Feb. 20- Love Your Pet Day

Thurs. Feb. 21- Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Fri. Feb. 22- World Thinking Day… as if we don’t do enough in college.

Sat. Feb. 23- International Swords Swallowing Day

Sun. Feb. 24- Daytona 500 and Academy Awards Night.

Campbell Makes National News

thCampbell made national news today on Good Morning America as our golfers shot 9 balls into the same hole at one time. Way to go Campbell! Check out the video, starting at minute 13:30:

Chocolate is Nice, but Love is Better

valentine-cookiesIt seems that as soon as February shows up on our calendars, an over abundance of the colors pink and red start to don the world around us. Hearts are blatant everywhere, and chocolate and flowers are in high demand. It is completely obvious that Cupid’s favorite holiday is upon us–Valentine’s Day. How, though, did this day, with its explosion of love, come to be? It is actually an unclear story, but one that is quite interesting and worth taking a look at.

That everyone, is how we get Valentine’s Day. Today there is a lot more to it. How much is involved with Valentine’s you wonder? Numbers do always seem to give an accurate picture; although, numbers are not pleasant to me (I’m a communication major who hates math), just for you, though, I found some great numbers, that are, dare I say it, interesting. I guess miracles do happen. Numbers aren’t completely bad, but I’m getting off topic. Valentine’s numbers. Here you go:

  • 58 million pounds of chocolate are sold during Valentine’s Day week. All that chocolate sounds like heaven to me.thCA5C1YPV
  • 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold. Just be careful with these. Forrest Gump gave good advice. ” You never know what you’re gonna find.”
  • 150 million Valentine’s cards and gifts sent each year. That’s a lot of postal service folks.
  • 150 dollars is the average amount men spend on their Valentine’s sweethearts.
  • 74 dollars is the average for women. (obviously these are not college students)


Ok, if your like me, you can’t handle but so many numbers. Let’s move on to random facts.

  • The top type of flowers sold for Valentine’s Day is an arrangement of mixed flowers, followed by red roses.thCAJASHQ3
  • The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.
  • There is a Love Valley in North Carolina
  • Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards followed by kids, moms, wives, and lastly, sweethearts.


As you can see, Valentine’s gets pretty crazy. For example, I went to Wal-Mart tonight for some staple food items.What do I find, but a scene that looked like Cupid went a little crazy decorating. Flowers, hearts, balloons, etc. Not to mention, half the county was there, obviously trying to overcome their procrastination in buying Valentine’s. Is it really about all of the “things?” I’d like to think not. I think it is about showing your love, and not just to your sweetheart (Single Awareness Day observers, this should make you feel loads better). Show your love to your roommate, friend, mom (she is the important one), anyone really. Valentine’s Day was started because a group of people loved Christ so much that they died for him. So, people, let’s show some love. While chocolate is nice, love is better, and Jesus’s love is best of all.



Written by: Marisa Linton