This Week: Jan. 28- Feb.3, 2013


This Week: Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2013

A few of the featured events for this week:

Mon. Jan. 28 –Date Night Sign Ups, Info Desk in Student Center, 9:00am

Wed. Jan. 30- Mary Poppins Sign Ups, Info Desk in Student Center, 9:00am

Thurs. Jan. 31 – Party on Wall Street, Carter, 8:00pm

Thurs. Jan. 31- Women’s Basketball vs.Liberty, Convocation Center, 7:00pm

Fri. Feb.1–Outdoor Movie Night: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Academic Circle, 9:00pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

This Week: Fun Calendar

Enjoy and celebrate the not so famous and odd holidays.

Mon. Jan. 28- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Tues. Jan.29- National Puzzle Day

Wed. Jan. 30- National Inane Answering Message Day (If you are like me, you said “huh?” It is all about recognizing dumb, meaningless messages on our phones, and hopefully not creating them… I promise it is legit and even a copyrighted holiday).

Thurs. Jan. 31- Day Backwards… I mean Backwards Day. Don’t get confused!

Fri. Feb. 1- G.I. Joe Day

Sat. Feb. 2- Groundhog Day. Shadow or no? Find out!! It is also Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Enjoy the excuse!

Sun. Feb. 3-Super Bowl XLVII




If there’s one thing that is certain about the weather here in North Carolina, it’s that it is never certain. Just two weeks ago, people were sporting shorts and flip-flops all over campus, hanging out on the lawn in academic circle, and even eating outside.

In a matter of weeks, Campbell has witnessed its first ice storm of the year. Beginning Friday morning, the sleet and ice began to fall, which caused all afternoon classes here on the main campus to be cancelled. In fact, all food locations closed early for the day.

As for me, I took this opportunity to curl up in my sweatpants, have a mug of hot chocolate, and catch up on Modern Family. I took a nap. Heck, I was even beginning to enjoy this icy weather. So, when I headed to bed for the night, I couldn’t help but smile when I realized that this was the first time in weeks I could just be lazy.

The next morning (let’s be honest here – more like afternoon), I was woken up to a growl in my stomach. I remembered how I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday, before the storm hit Buies Creek. So, I decided to get dressed and head over to Quiznos for some food.

Though the storm had come and gone by morning, its damage was more than visible. A layer of ice and slush covered the brick walkways just enough to make things a little slippery, while puddles of water remained invisible…that is, until you stepped in one. And under every tree, large drops of melting ice attacked from above, aiming for your shoulders, your head, or, even worse, your eyes.

Now, I must admit, Buies Creek is no Russian tundra, by any means, but ice, nevertheless, is a dangerous force of nature, making each step you take a risk of falling flat on your behind, or getting your socks and shoes drenched.

By the time Monday rolls around, the bricks should be cleared and order restored here at Campbell, but until then, stay safe, and remember to block yourself from the melting icicles hanging from the trees!

Written by: Emily McIntosh

Why Serve?


Why do we do service projects on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? What does that have to do with a Civil Rights Movement Leader?

Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated much of his life to service, and as we celebrate him and his actions, it makes sense to follow his lead and make our community a better place.

In the span of 11 years (1957-1968), MLK spoke over 2,500 times and traveled more than 6 million miles. Everywhere he went, he spoke against injustice and encouraged action against it. He led the peaceful march in Washington, D.C. of 250,000 people. Those people were the ones who heard the empowering speech “I Have a Dream.” He grabbed the attention of the world when he advocated for African American rights. He did this through peaceful protests, conferring with President John F. Kennedy, and publishing articles and books. In spite of being arrested more than 20 times and being assaulted on multiple occasions, he continued to be an advocate. He remained humble as many honors came his way, and he was always selfless. When honored as the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize at 35, he gave the $54,123 prize money to the civil rights movement.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice on April 4, 1968 when he was assassinated on his motel balcony.

MLK obviously led a life of service. He once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Throughout the country, people answer this question by following MLK’s example and serving their community. It is a part of United We Serve, the President’s national call to service initiative.

As Campbell provides the opportunities for service, will you take the initiative and make a difference? Follow in King’s steps. It may be small, but it is needed to make our world better.

Take advantage of these service opportunities:

Tuesday, January 22: Nature Clean, McLamb ENVS Center, 8am (1-2 hour time commitment)
Tuesday, January 22: MLK, Jr. Biography Trivia at Brookfield Assisted Living, 2pm-3pm (Please indicate whether transportation is needed)

Wednesday, January 23: GIVE LIFE!!! Organ Donor Registration in the Academic Circle.  Register students, 10am-2pm (1 hour service increments)=
Wednesday, January 23: Nature Clean, McLamb ENVS Center, 2pm (1-2 hour time commitment)

Thursday, January 24: Nature Clean, McLamb ENVS Center, 8am &/or 2pm (1-2 hour time commitment)

Friday, January 25: CARDS FOR TROOPS, Wallace Student Center, 9am-2pm (30 minutes-1 hour time commitment during these hours)
Friday, January 25: Nature Clean, McLamb ENVS Center, 11am (1-2 hour time commitment)

Written by: Marisa Linton

This Week: Jan. 21-27,2013


This Week: Jan. 21-27, 2013

A few of the featured events for this week:

Mon. Jan. 21 –Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan.21- 25- Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service, Campbell University

Wed. Jan. 23 – Men’s Basketball vs. Radford, Convocation Center, 7:00pm

Thurs. Jan. 24 – Women’s Basketball vs. Radford, Convocation Center, 7:00pm

Fri. Jan. 25–Movie: Hotel Transylvania, Turner Auditorium, 9:00pm

Sat. Jan. 26–Women’s Basketball vs. Winthrop, Convocation Center, 1:00pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

This Week: Fun Calendar

Enjoy and celebrate the not so famous and odd holidays.

Mon. Jan. 21- National Hugging Day, so give someone a hug who needs it or just because. It is also Squirrel Appreciation Day; be sure to be nice to the crazy squirrels around campus.

Tues. Jan. 22- Celebration of Life Day

Wed. Jan. 23-National Pie Day…yumm!!

Thurs. Jan. 24- National Compliment Day; an encouraging word goes a long way.

Fri. Jan. 25-Macintosh Computer Day

Sat. Jan. 26-National Peanut Brittle Day

Sun. Jan. 27-Holocaust Memorial Day


Lights, Camera, Action!

If you have been to the Lundy-Fetterman SOB Building, the library, or flipped through the channels on your TV, you may have come across Campbell’s channel. The one filled with school-related announcements, broadcasting in a constant loop.

With Campbell’s recently added TV studio, questions have been swirling regarding it and the channel’s future:

“Will it just be for production classes?”

“Will the CU network completely take over campus?”

“We have a TV studio?”

Well now, these questions are about to be answered. Beginning this semester, the Communication Studies Department of Campbell University will be hosting its very own television series, “Campbell TV Now.”

The series, which begins Tuesday, February 12, will feature everything from news and entertainment, special guests, and even some special segments.

Before you get the wrong idea, there won’t be any “Jerry Springer” moments or reality TV stars making appearances, but rest assured – there are some great things in store for the series. Think “The Today Show” with a Campbell twist.

Because the show is run by students, everything from the writing to camera work to even the talent is brought to you by your peers. So while some aspects may have a degree of seriousness, the fun had by students in the studio can definitely be seen on screens all around campus.

Another great perk to Campbell’s new show is the chance to see your friends on TV.  Imagine, seeing a friend in one of your classes in the morning, then seeing them later that night on your TV while studying. Who knows? You may even be the one featured on the show one night.

“Campbell TV Now” is about to make a splash here in Buies Creek, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news ahead, and don’t forget to tune in!

Written by: Emily McIntosh

Photos by: Jordyn Gum

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This Week: Jan. 14-20, 2013


This Week: Jan. 14-20, 2012

A few of the featured events for this week:

Tues. Jan. 15 –Apples to Apples Game Night, Student Center, 6:00pm

Wed. Jan. 16 – Relay for Life Meeting, Trustee Room, Taylor Hall, 5:00pm

Thurs. Jan. 17 – Annual Blood Drive, Rumley Center, 11:00am-3:30pm

Fri. Jan. 18 –Magician Show, Turner Auditorium, 8:00pm

Sat. Jan. 19–Men’s Basketball vs. Winthrop, Convocation Center, 1:00pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

It Has Begun!

The Christmas lights have faded and the new year has been welcomed in, and somehow, it is already a new semester. For some it may be their last, for others just another set of classes. Regardless, of what this semester means to you, it is here and officially in full swing. Hopefully, everyone has survived their first week of classes. Good luck with this semster! Here is to Spring 2013; it has begun!


Written by: Marisa Linton