Next Week: Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 2012

Next Week: Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week:

Mon. Nov. 26 – Campus Recreation – Chili Cookoff, Carter Gym

Mon. Nov. 26 – Fine Arts: University Guitar Ensemble, Scott Concert Hall, 8:00pm

Tues. Nov. 27 – Campus Ministry: Carebag Packing & Delivery, Student Center, 5:30pm

Wed. Nov. 28 – Hump Day Challenge, Academic Circle

Thurs. Nov. 29 – Men’s Basketball vs. Newberry, 7:00 pm

Thurs. Nov. 29 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Fri. Nov. 30 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Fri. Nov. 30 – Movie: Bourne Legacy, Turner Auditorium, 9:00 pm

Sat. Dec. 1 – Humans vs. Zombies, Academic Circle, 1:00 pm

Sat. Dec. 1 – Theater Performance: Every Man Reformed, Ellis Theater, 7:00 pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hopefully your day is filled with much to be thankful for and loads of food. Try not to eat too much!


Turkey Day Facts:

  • A mature turkey has 3,500 feathers
  • The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed 86 pounds
  • In America, around 280 million turkeys are sold for celebrating Thanksgiving Day
  • California consumes the most turkey in America
  • A male turkey is called a tom and a female is a hen
  • A turkey’s head changes colors when it is excited
  • If Benjamin Franklin had his way, the turkey would be our national bird


Flash Mob–Gangnam Style

If you were at the basketball game Friday where we played Appalachian, you probably got to see an awesome show in the form of a flash mob. How did it all happen? Who planned it and coordinated it? Find out with one of the interns with Campbell Athletics Marketing and Promotions Department.

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My name is Kelly McGovern and my boss, Jarrad Turner, wanted a 2nd annual flash mob for one of the biggest games this year in basketball. He said to get a group together and let’s make a routine up. It was a lot of hard work .I knew that I needed the help with the dance routine because I cannot dance to save my life. Therefore, I had to get a group behind me to get the word out. I had two choreographers, Chelsea Cashwell and Ashton Brown help me out. They are amazing! We had a total of four practices. Each time, there were new people, making the job that much harder.

I cannot forget my sister Kristina McGovern. She was definitely into getting people involved by telling people and sending texts out everyday. Boy, am I thankful.
It was Jarrad Turner’s idea to do the Gangnum Style, so all props to him.

Once all the preliminaries were set, the process began. We got the dance together and spread the word. I started with my friends– sending out emails after emails; after that, when I would work the football or basketball games, I would just let people know that we are doing something like this, and if they were interested to come out and practice.By doing this, I picked up the attention from PGM majors Nathan Mead and Dane Olson. They then brought a crowd of other PGM majors, girlfriends and friends. I would like to say that without this group, I personally do not think we would have had the amount of laughs that we had at practice time. They were just so into it and even had practices on their own time.

When game day came, the mobbers received a shirt from SGA and went right to the designated section. Throughout the entire game, everyone was so excited and pumped to be doing this. It happened so fast. When it was over, it felt great that everyone’s hard work had paid off. We stayed for the whole game until that final buzzer, cheering for CU! The best part was when basketball players, Andrew Ryan, Tyler Zegarzewski and Antwon Oliver, came over and gave thanks to us for the support.

I would like to thank everyone for the hard work and late nights that were put into this; both girls and guys were great, and I love them. Go Camels, Be Loud, Be Proud, Wear Orange!

Written by: Kelly McGovern

Edited by: Marisa Linton

Christmas Spirit

Get in the Christmas spirit by watching the huge Christmas Tree light up! There will be hot chocolate, jazz band, and more! It is all happening at 8 tonight behind D Rich. Come early for a free t-shirt.

Written by: Marisa Linton

Next Week: Nov. 19-25, 2012

Next Week: Nov. 19-25, 2012

A few of the featured events for next week:

Nov. 19 – Christmas Tree Lighting, Fellowship Commons, 8:00 pm

Nov. 19 – Fine Arts: University String Ensemble Concert, Scott Concert Hall, 8:00 pm

Nov. 20 – Thanksgiving Worship Service, Butler Chapel 12:00 pm

Nov. 21-25 –  Thanksgiving Break

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

Roaring like a “Lyon”

Grant LyonComedian Grant Lyon graced us with his presence Saturday evening with an entertaining show that was sure to make you explode with laughter.  Not many people showed up for this event but the ones that were there enjoyed his goofy sense of humor.  Lyon’s comedy was encompassed around his life which made it easy to relate to. That’s the best kind of comedy if, I do say so myself.  Lyon interacted with the audience every now and then to bring us into his goofiness.  Grant Lyon was definitely worth going to see.  It was a great way to end a Saturday evening at Campbell.

Written by: Jordan Seay

Horsing Around

If you are around Ashlyn Batten for just a little while, you quickly realize her love of horses. She has an enthusiasm for them and has been able to show that enthusiasm through Campbell University’s Club Equestrian team. Check out what Ashlyn has to say about her time on the team and what it is all about!

Ashlyn and Casanova, a Thoroughbred gelding

The CU Club Equestrian team was started in the fall of 2011.  I have been horse crazy since I was eight years old and grew up riding horses, so I was extremely excited when I found out that a couple students had started a Club Equestrian team.  When I came to Campbell, the only thing I felt it was missing was an outlet for my love of horses, but that problem was solved my sophomore year!  The first semester we had five people on the team and we are now up to seven team members and this is our first semester competing in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).  This is the first semester that Campbell has had an English team and a Western team.   We ride twice a week at Saddletree Stables in Willow Springs with our coach, Michelle Campbell.

Unlike regular horse shows where each competitor brings their own horse, at the IHSA shows, the host school supplies all the horses for everyone.   The purpose of an IHSA show is to see that a rider can still have perfect equitation when riding a horse that is completely new to them.  A rider draws a horse’s name out of a hat literally five minutes before their class starts and they have to go mount the horse and go straight into the show ring- they’re given no time to get used to their new mount.

The Equestrian Team has been a great experience for me!  I have gotten to meet other horse lovers at Campbell, as well as take lessons with a great coach.

Written by: Ashlyn Batten

Edited by: Marisa Linton

Photo by: Austin Higgins