Pineburr Staff 2013

Goodbye yearbooks of old.  What if a yearbook truly kept up with your daily lives?

The Pine Burr Yearbook keeps track of what goes on throughout the year at Campbell University. The distribution of the yearbooks is always an exciting time as students flip through the pages of camel fun and life in the Creek. Pine Burr Yearbook is now making strides to extend what they are all about to become a go to source of information and record of Campbell life through social media and online sources.

Make sure to check regularly for new blog posts about Campbell stories, previews of events, and recaps of what has taken place in the Creek. It will be exciting, current, and provide a new way to connect to the yearbook. You might even see yourself featured. This is not replacing the yearbook. It is simply an extension that will give everyone a taste for what is to come in the spring with yearbook distributions; it will also keep everyone more in touch and updated throughout campus. This is  Pine Burr Online where events and people of Campbell come to life online!

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