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And That’s A Wrap!

Summer has arrived! While we pack up our belongings and begin summer, we reminisce on memories from this year. Our school year was off to a rough start with Covid-19, but in a matter of a few months we were becoming acclimated to our new “normal”. We pushed through the challenges and ended the year … Continue reading And That’s A Wrap!

Last Monday – A word from a Senior!

Happy Monday! The weather is excellent, and exams are wrapping up. Summer is almost here! As my time at Campbell comes to an end, there is a bittersweet feeling about leaving something special behind. I have learned so much here. I was challenged academically, spiritually, and individually. My time here was great, and I am … Continue reading Last Monday – A word from a Senior!

Weekly Interview – Campbell University Student Spotlight

Name: Sarah H.Fitzgerald Year: Freshman Major: Business Administration  What is the best thing about Campbell University?  “The sunrise and sunset.” What are you most looking forward to this summer after the semester ends? “Going home!” What is the best advice you have for finishing the semester strong? "Get your work done early so you can … Continue reading Weekly Interview – Campbell University Student Spotlight

Finals Week Stress Relief

With finals looming around the corner, students hurry to finish up their final presentations, last minute additions to their papers, and cramming before the last test of the semester. There is a lot of weight placed on these students as they prepare for their final grade in the class to become concrete, either hoping or … Continue reading Finals Week Stress Relief