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Student Advice

Name: Krystal Catalan Grade: Sophomore Major: Studio Art Hometown: Garner, NC 1.) This far into the semester, what is your best advice to give someone who is under a lot of stress due to exams/project load? "It is important to do your best but you also need to remember to put you and your mental … Continue reading Student Advice

President of men’s club soccer Interview!

Name: Nathan Keiser Grade: Senior Major: Homeland Security Minor: Military Science Hometown: Harper's Ferry, West Virginia 1.) What do you contribute to the Campbell University community?  "As president of CU Men's Club Soccer team, I'd like to think I contribute to the CU community through the soccer club's comradery and welcoming atmosphere. I make it a … Continue reading President of men’s club soccer Interview!

Commuter life

Name: Jasmine Reid  Grade: Junior  Major: Psychology Hometown: Garner 1.) How has Campbell University made an impact on you or how will you make an impact on Campbell? "Campbell University has impacted me because it has allowed me to learn and grow from experiences." 2.) Where and how do you focus the most? "I focus … Continue reading Commuter life

Study Abroad Summer 2022

Name: Felix Schuster Hometown: Viana, Austria Major: Psychology Year: Senior 1.) Break down what happened during your stay at study abroad "When my group arrived to Austria, we had one week to settle in and we had school Monday – Thursday with Dr. street. We took psychology of music class; Viennese vibes, which was 5 … Continue reading Study Abroad Summer 2022