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Pets now allowed on campus!

Interviewee: Jovanna Valentine Year: Junior Major: Kinesiology Pre-Med Hometown: Harnett County 1.) Since you are in the apartments that now allow pets, how do you feel since now that your pet is allowed to live with you? "I feel a lot happier now that my dog is able to live with me. Having Amore with … Continue reading Pets now allowed on campus!

Student residence interview

Interviewee: Shaelyn HaroldYear: JuniorMajor: SpanishHometown: Wilson, North Carolina Tell me a little about yourself: "I am a Spanish major at Campbell University Student hoping to either interpret orteach Spanish at the high school level. I am a part of the Campbell EquestrianTeam and have been riding horses for roughly 12 years. My relationships withmy family … Continue reading Student residence interview

Student Life Interview

Interviewee: Anna BakerYear: JuniorMajor: Spanish EducationHometown: Fayetteville, NC How has it been handling work, school, and your personal life this far ? "So far, it’s been good–stressful but good. This is my third year atCampbell. Throughout my time here, I’ve been trying to balanceeverything. There’s always something to do, worry about, read, etc.Thankfully, I’ve learned … Continue reading Student Life Interview

Fortunate Friday

Name: Talia ScottMajor: History BAYear: SeniorHometown: Knightdale, NC 1.) Who are you most thankful for in your life? I’m most thankful for God in my life. He’s the reason I’m here and has never led me astray.2.) What is an opportunity that you are fortunate about?I’m very fortunate to get the opportunity to go to college: … Continue reading Fortunate Friday