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Weekly Feature- Lauren Taylor

Lauren is a senior Business Administration/Marketing major from Exeter, New Hampshire. She filled us in on how she is adjusting to her new lifestyle, what conditions are like in New Hampshire, and more.

Tips on Tuesday

We hope everyone is healthy and doing well. We know this pandemic has been challenging on an mental,physical, and emotional level so we are sending our prayers to you and your family. Tomorrow is the first day of April which means we are starting on a new leaf. To start off the month correctly please … Continue reading Tips on Tuesday

Weekly Preview/Update- March 30th

Campbell has continued on with the transition to online learning. With no plans to return students to campus this semester, students and faculty must get used to this "new normal," even if it may not be an ideal situation. Campbell has also announced dates for students to return to campus so they can gather their … Continue reading Weekly Preview/Update- March 30th

Feature- Kendall Williams

Kendall is a sophomore Pre-Nursing major from Amelia County, Virginia. We caught up with Kendall to discuss how she is adjusting to online instruction, what she does to stay busy, and more. When did you leave campus and return home? I left on March 13th. How have you adjusted to the online instruction format that … Continue reading Feature- Kendall Williams