Camel Life!

Name: Shelly Lopez Espinoza Year: Freshman Major: Biology Pre-PA Hometown: Sanford, NC 1.) What is your favorite spot on campus and why? In what way has it helped you stay close to your Campbell community? "Whenever I am out of class I always go to the Student Union. My friends always reserve a big meeting … Continue reading Camel Life!

Words of Wisdom

Name: Brandon Martinez Major: Kinesiology Year: Sophomore Hometown: Selma, NC 1.) What are some struggles you had to overcome your first semester of college? "Some things I struggled with in my first year of college was being able to manage my time accordingly. I would constantly find myself running late to class or missing homework … Continue reading Words of Wisdom

Getting to know our campbell family!

Name: Kimberly Olan  Grade: Freshman  Major: Criminal Justice  Hometown: St. Paul’s, NC 1.) What amazed you when you first arrived on campus? "The first thing that amazed me when I arrived on campus is the fact that everyone is so friendly and welcoming around here" 2.) Aside from graduating, what is your other goal in … Continue reading Getting to know our campbell family!

Student Advice

Name: Krystal Catalan Grade: Sophomore Major: Studio Art Hometown: Garner, NC 1.) This far into the semester, what is your best advice to give someone who is under a lot of stress due to exams/project load? "It is important to do your best but you also need to remember to put you and your mental … Continue reading Student Advice