Preview of the Week

This week there are many different opportunities to get involved in a campus ministry group. There are also some events happening for you to express your creativity and have some fun!

Monday: Shine at 8:00pm in the Campus Ministry House. Wesley Ministry Group at 9:00pm in the Campus Ministry House.

Tuesday: Creative Creek 1: Canvas Painting at 6:00pm in Rumley Center.

Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry Group at 6:30pm in Butler Chapel. Music Trivia at 8:00pm in Shouse Dining Hall. Ignite at 8:07pm in Turner Auditorium.

Thursday: BSU Ministry Group at 8:00pm in Butler Chapel.

Friday: Water Gun Assassin at 3:00pm in Academic Circle.

Saturday: There are no events this Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday: Campus Worship at 7:00pm in Butler Chapel.

Preview of the Week

This week is filled with student events that CAB has organized. Make sure to come to these events to support CAB and have some fun with your friends!

Monday: Bacon Day! Come out and eat all of the bacon you want at 6:00pm in Rumley Center. There is also Shine in the Campus Ministry House at 8pm. Then at 9pm Wesley Ministry Group will meet in the Campus Ministry House.

Tuesday: Come out and attend a Pine Burr Yearbook Meeting at 5pm.

Wednesday: Put Diversity on the Map hosted by the CAB Diversity Committee from 12-3pm in Academic Circle. The Inspirations Dance Ministry Group will meet at 6:30pm in Butler Chapel. Then Ignite will meet at 8:07pm in Turner Auditorium.

Thursday: The BSU Ministry Group will meet at 8pm in Butler Chapel.

FridayThere is no event taking place on this day. Enjoy your Friday!

Saturday: CAB’s Bubble Ball event will be taking place at 2pm in the Barker Lane Stadium. You won’t want to miss this!

Sunday: Campus Worship at 7pm in Butler Chapel.



Preview of the Week

2015 Family Weekend at Campbell University
 Family Weekend at Campbell University

Hey Camels! This week we have a lot of sporting events, ministry group meetings, and a fun weekend for the family!

  • Monday: Shine at 8pm

Wesley Ministry Group at 9pm

  • Tuesday: Yearbook Meeting at 5pm

Volleyball vs. NC A&T at 6:30pm

Men’s Soccer vs. Belmont at 7pm

  • Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry at 6:30pm

Ignite at 8:07pm

  • Thursday: BSU Ministry Group at 8pm
  • Friday: Family Weekend

Family Putt-Putt, FootGolf & Long Drive Contest at 4pm

Volleyball vs. UNC Asheville at 7pm

  • Saturday: University Faculty/Staff Meet and Greet at 10am

First-Year Student/Parent Seminar at 11am

Women’s Soccer vs. Presbyterian at 1pm

Family Tailgating 4pm

Football vs.Butler at 6pm

  • Sunday: Family Worship at 10am

Campus Worship 7pm





Preview of the Week

Get ready Camels for a weekend full of sporting events. Lets show our support at the upcoming games! Go Camels! And don’t forget to come check out one of our ministry groups one day this week!

Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry Group

Thursday: BSU Ministry Group at 8:00pm

Friday: Volleyball vs. Navy at 7:00pm

Saturday: Volleyball vs. East Carolina 5:30pm

Men’s Soccer vs. William Mary 7:00pm

Sunday: Campus Worship 7:00pm



Preview Of the Week

It’s Exam Week and I know that the stress level 100% please remember to take time for yourself between studying, get some rest and a snack! Take the time to come out to the Exam Activities that Campbell has to offer this week! Good Luck!


  • 7:00pm Christmas at Campbell


  • Reading Day..No Classes
  • 11pm: Midnight Breakfast…free tshirts


  • Exams Begin!
  • Good Luck!

Preview of the Week

Come celebrate the closing of the semester with the Winter Formal hosted by CAB Formals dress up and dance the night away.  Then to get more into the Christmas spirit spread the Christmas cheer by volunteering at the Community Christmas Store in Carter Gym that helps underprivileged children receive Christmas presents.


  • 5pm CAB General Meeting
  • 8pm: Winter Formal


  • 8pm: Jazz Concert


  • 3:30-5:30pm: Community Christmas Store


  • 3:30-5:30pm: Community Christmas Store
  • 7:30pm: CAB Hunger Games Midnight Premiere Trip
  • 8pm: Chamber Ensembles Concert


  • 3:30-5:30pm: Community Christmas Store


  • 3pm: Quiddich

Preview Of the Week

The rush of November has begun and the amount of activities it not an exception. This week support your Women’s Volleyball team and the football team at their upcoming games. If you aren’t interested in sports there is other options such as getting a free massage in the library or attending a Jam Session, this week is full of opportunities for a homework break!


  • 7-10pm  “Spin into Success”
    • Free food, massages and help from the Student Success Center on the 3rd floor of the library


  • 7pm: Women’s Volleyball
  • 8pm: Diwali: Victory of Light over Darkness with sparklers


  • 8pm: Jam Session @ Shouse
  • 8pm: Ensemble Concert: Scott


  • 1pm: Football VS. Jacksonville
  • 4pm: Women’s Volleyball


  • 4pm: Choral Concert: Butler Chapel