Q and A with Campbell Faces

Cassidy Capps is a freshman as a Pre-Professional Biology major.

Cassidy and Gaylord
Cassidy and Gaylord

What has been your favorite moment at Campbell?

Watching the hypnotist on the first week of school.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

Go to medical school and eventually become a cardiologist.

 What is your favorite food?

At Campbell, my favorite is the chicken salad spinach wrap. In general, it’s probably a cheese burger.

Who is your inspiration and why?

My mother because somehow she manages to work a full time job, cook dinner every night, take care of our crazy dogs, and still keep sane! 

  What has been your hardest class thus far?

Western civilization, without a doubt!

Do you have a hobby or favorite way to spend down time?

Here at Campbell, I have enjoyed going to Raven Rock or fishing on the  weekends. Playing sand volleyball or cornhole are some fun ways to spend down time. 

Interview by: Ashley Howerton

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