The “V” Word

Candies, hearts, flowers, dinner, love! It all equates to the “v” word–Valentine’s Day! For some, it is rather exciting, and for others it can be a depressing reminder of their single status. It can also be stressful if you are on a college budget attending a school that is out in the middle of no where like Campbell. Not only this but the white precipitation falling from the sky, may be ruining some Valentine plans.

Sooooo… what is one to do? Here are some ideas that will help you stay on budget, can make a great plan B and are rather creative.

Never doubt the power of DIY projects…

  • Don’t be afraid to make your own cards or gifts. Make “Open When Cards.” This is something special between the two of you and will last longer than Valentine’s day.
















  • Make cookies or their favorite dessert. Not only will it be scrumptious, but it will also mean a lot that you made it.
  • Go to the Pod or Groc, grab some gummy worms  or nuts and put them in a container that says “I’m hooked on you” or “I’m nuts for you”; it is a cute idea that is sure to get a smile. Simple, clever, and cheap.


  • Go to the library and check out some romantic movies. You can have a fun movie night eating chocolate and other goodies.
  • Of course, you can always go play in the snow and make snow angels.
  • If the roads are not bad on Friday, go to Wal-Mart. Each of you get $10 to spend. You split up and come back together with your $10 purchases. It might be a craft to do together or baking cookies. Who knows what you will come up with!

Some of us, though, do not have significant others. Never fear! Valentine’s can be just as fun with out a special someone.

Plan a singles party…

  • A great party starts with good food. Have everyone bring some yummy food. Pinterest, as always, has some great ideas for special Valentine goodies.


  • Watch romantic comedies. It is sure to make you feel good and have some laughs.
  • Play a game. You can go something original like Catch Phrase or go a more Valentine’s Day approach. Try telling your worst date stories and putting them to a vote. The winner gets a prize of sorts. You can also play the Cupid game. Take Q-tips and blow them out of straws into a dish a certain distance away. The team with the most Q-tips in the bowl wins!


  • In general have fun. Valentine’s is not about spending the day with a significant other. It is about spending it with those you love.

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day and a wonderful snow day!!


Written by Marisa Linton


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