This Week: March 10-16, 2014


This Week: March 10-16, 2014

A few of the featured events for this week:
Tues March 11–Baseball vs. Ball St., 6pm
Wed. March 12– Baseball vs. Ball St., 4pm
Wed. March 12– Softball vs. Syracuse, 5pm
Thurs. March 12–Women’s Tennis vs. Charleston So., 2pm
Thurs. March 12-17–Humans vs. Zombies, Academic Circle, 9am
Fri. March 13– Max Lifchitz Concert, Scott Concert Hall, 8pm
Sat. March 15–Men’s Tennis vs. Longwood, 1pm
Sat. March 15–Women’s Tennis vs. Logwood, 1pm
Sat. March 15– March Over the Hump Doughnut Challenge, Academic Circle, 1pm
Sat. March 15– Women’s Lacrosse vs. Elon, 2pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.

Fun Facts:

Ever dreamed of knowing random information to impress friends and family? Well, now you can by looking at weekly random facts. Enjoy!

  1. Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza a day.
  2. Relative to size, the strongest muscle in the body is the tongue…probably from all the talking we do.
  3. The largest taxi fleet in the world is found in Mexico City. The city boasts a fleet of over 60,000 taxis.

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