Preview of the Week!!

As this week marks the 5th week of school, remember that you have a fresh start and new opportunity to become more involved on campus even if you think you are involved enough. If you meant to go to club meetings and worship groups last week, go this week. They always want new members and its a great way to meet new friends.

Events this Upcoming Week:

  • Monday:
    • 8pm Shine
    • 9pm: Wesley Ministry
  • Tuesday:
    • 8pm: FCA
    • 8:30pm: Gospel Choir
  • Wednesday:
    • 6:30pm: Inspirations Dance Ministry
    • 7pm: Can I Kiss you
    • 7pm: Women’s Soccer
    • 8:07pm: Ignite
  • Thursday:
    • 7pm: Consent 101
    • 8pm: BSU
    • 8pm: Jam Session
  • Friday:
    • 6pm: Encounter
  • Saturday:
    • 5pm: Women’s Soccer
    • 7pm: Men’s Soccer

If you have free time this week between studying and classes I encourage you to get involved. Join a club, attend a sporting event or learn about Sexual Assault Awareness. The best thing about college is you have the power to choose the event you participate in, so choose things that interest you or benefit your future.

Have a Great Week Campbell Students!!

Written by: Rachael Wheeler

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