Q&A with Campbell Faces

Kyle White is a junior math education major from Washington, NC and he tells us about working for Campus Rec and his love for intermural sports.


“It’s where I found my group of best friends, where I stay active and out of my dorm room, and where so many memories here at Campbell have been made.”

Q: What made you come to Campbell?

My youth minster was a graduate of Campbell and he brought me here on a tour when I was a junior in high school. I just really felt God lead me here. It’s just like a big family, you can tell. When I got here on visitation day, I met a professor in the math department, it was Dr. Williams. I saw her later on that day and she recognized me and said “hey” and I thought “well if she can remember me in one day, then she will definitely remember me at school.

Q: What would you like to do with math?

I want to be a high school teacher and a coach. My dad was my high school science teacher and basketball coach for all four years. I kind of want to take his job, but I probably won’t go back home it will be somewhere else. Working with kids, working with students and players.

Q: How long have you been working for Campus rec?

Literally since the day I got here as a freshman.

Q: What do you do for campus rec?

I am a supervisor and head of officials. I officiate just about every sport that we have here and give trainings for other officials. We train them to learn to officiate. I play intermural sports as well. That’s one of the good things that our boss lets us do. We play, but our job is top priority.

Q: Which games do you officiate?

I officiate Flag Football, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball for Intermural Sports.

Q: Have you ever officiated anything before working for Campus Rec?

Yes! I officiated Rec Soccer back in Washington. That’s how I got into officiating in the first place. I officiated kids from ages 8-15.

Q: Is there anything you would like everyone to know about Campus Rec?

A: I hope more and more people see how awesome Campus Rec and intermural sports are! It’s where I found my group of best friends, where I stay active and out of my dorm room, and where so many memories here at Campbell have been made.

Interview By: Hannah Gooding

Author: pineburronline

This blog is intended to be an extension of the printed Campbell University Pine Burr Yearbook -- and ongoing source for coverage of the news and events in the Creek.

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