Preview of the Week

This week there are many different opportunities to get involved in a campus ministry group. There are also some events happening for you to express your creativity and have some fun!

Monday: Shine at 8:00pm in the Campus Ministry House. Wesley Ministry Group at 9:00pm in the Campus Ministry House.

Tuesday: Creative Creek 1: Canvas Painting at 6:00pm in Rumley Center.

Wednesday: Inspirations Dance Ministry Group at 6:30pm in Butler Chapel. Music Trivia at 8:00pm in Shouse Dining Hall. Ignite at 8:07pm in Turner Auditorium.

Thursday: BSU Ministry Group at 8:00pm in Butler Chapel.

Friday: Water Gun Assassin at 3:00pm in Academic Circle.

Saturday: There are no events this Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday: Campus Worship at 7:00pm in Butler Chapel.

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