In the World of a Freshman

From Left to Right: Andrew Merritt, Morgan Cotton, KT Underwood, Beth Pandone
From Left to Right: Andrew Merritt, Morgan Cotton, KT Underwood, Beth Pandone

Almost all of us have been there… freshman year. It is a time of change, expectations, new adventures, hard classes, dorm life, and so much more. It’s a new chapter  that both excites and terrifies. It is a world of unknown, but a place to make your own. It is simply freshman year.

According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 19.7 million individuals enrolled in a college or university in  2011; 20 years ago it was only 14.4 million (not that 14.4 million is a small number by any means) . Campbell had 1,077 new students. We caught up with a few to see what they thought so far of college life and Campbell.

One of the biggest adjustments that students have is the classes. College classes offer a much different environment than high school classes.

Meredith Clark, a Business Administration major, said  the biggest difference in high school and college were the classes. “We covered everything in math I learned in high school, in the first two days of class here,” Clark said. “Although, I don’t find it intimidating.”

College and classes are also different in that one has more freedom.

KT Underwood, an Athletic Training major, said “I love being able to study what I want.”

College is certainly a time to find one’s niche. You can choose the classes you take, to a certain extent. There are still requirements, of course; however, there is considerably more  of freedom in college.

Despite the amount of freedom and exciting classes college has to offer, it can still be hard to transition. Some have difficulties while others embrace it full heartedly.

Sarah Roberson, a Trust and Wealth Pre-law major, said “my favorite thing about college is getting to meet all kinds of people. In high school, it was the same kind of people, but in college it’s not.”

Some freshman were shocked at how easy it was to transition to college life.

“I was surprised that it wasn’t as difficult to get started and to get used to being in college”  Underwood said after being asked what was one of the unexpected things about her freshmen year “people make college out to be really difficult and really hard, but I have had an easy time transitioning.”

“College is harder, but not by that much!” Morgan Cotton, a Communication Pre-law major said, making college sound like a breeze.

Even though the transition may not be too hard for many, and college is fun and exciting, there are still things that are missed.

A group of students all exclaimed that they missed nothing from high school; however, Cotton added, “Well nothing except for the home cooked food and family.”

Campbell becomes a home to many, creating a sense of belonging and closeness for freshman. They don’t easily get lost. Clark says that her favorite thing is the Campbell environment and how much the professors care about you.

“Being a freshman at Campbell is a learning experience, and there is so much to take in:  from classes, activities, and meeting tons of new friends. It may be a handful, but there are many people available to help you grow. It is also good to know that there are people here to help you grow spiritually as well. It’s like a breath of fresh air,” said Simone Brown, a Biology Pre-Professional major.

Students come to Campbell wanting a certain experience. For Rayvon Walker, a Political Science Major, that is exactly what this school is doing.

“What I expected was to come to a place where I can get the tools I needed to be successful. I wanted to come to place that was centered around Christ. Also, I wanted to come in order to continue to grow and mature. So far, Campbell is meeting my expectations!” Walker said,

Of course, there are so many more aspects of a freshman’s life, and everyone is different. Some are social butterflies and others are consumed with school. Some have a fabulous dorm life and others get roommates from… well that’s another story. The point is, is that being a freshman is only for a year, and is such an exciting time. They are on an adventure and hopefully enjoy the ride. Good luck class of 2017!!

A look at the Class of 2017*

Size: 877

Average GPA: 3.77

Average SAT (3-part): 1562

Average ACT (composite): 22

Female: 56%

Male: 44%

Minorities: 30%

In-state students: 80%

Out-of-state: 18%

International: 2%

*Data only for freshman students.

A group of freshman having fun in Pat Barker lobby
A group of freshman having fun in Pat Barker lobby

 Written by: Marisa Linton

Interviews by: Hunter Tadlock, Marisa Linton, and Joanna D’Ancona

Pictures by: Emily McIntosh and Joanna D’Ancona


Q and A With Campbell Faces

Question and Answer with Campbell University student Summer Cook
1) So what exactly is your major?
History and a minor in science
2)What are your planning to do after graduation?  
Summer plans to go to graduate school. Her dream would be to go to law school and get her masters in public policy.
3) What is an interesting fact about yourself?
Summer once went to a school that only had twelve students total. Needless to say it was quite an adjustment to come to Campbell.
Interview by: Ashley Howerton

The Skit Guys

Turner was packed…some were Campbell students while others had traveled 3 hours and 45 minutes away! I sat to the left with two of my friends ready to see the Skit Guys. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Suddenly, the lights went out and a video was displayed on the screen. Two men were depicted in the clip, dressed in different wigs, speaking in random accents, talking about prayer. Is this the Skit Guys? I thought to myself. It was the Skit Guys, but it was just the preview for what was to come.

Wow! What a performance. I definitely did not need to do any crunches after the show. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. These two men performed skit after skit of everyday life. It may have been a mother embarrassing her child, individuals making the right choices, or how to live your life Christ like. Even though, we were all dying of laughter, there was a moral to each skit and a message to be heard. Combine these hilarious, meaningful skits, with the Skit Guys throwing free stuff at the crowd, and you had a pretty great performance.

I was able to meet them afterwards. They took the time to ask anyone who came up what their name was and to take a picture with them. They were extremely personable guys who have a talent to make people laugh and have a real passion for God. If you didn’t get to see them, you missed out; they were fabulous!

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Written by: Marisa Linton

Throwback Thursday

As you can see Campbell hasn’t always had a  2,800-pound bronze statue  in front of the Convocation Center. The camel statue arrived in 2011, and since then, it has become a background for countless pictures.



Photos and Written by: Ashley Howerton

Letter from the Editors

Hey guys!

We wanted to first of all say thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Street Fair. Every single one of the chocolate covered pretzels were gone…even the broken ones. The photo booth was a smash! All those amazing outfits with the hats, bling, glasses, and feathers are sure to win some kind of fashion award. The photos turned out great. Ya’ll were some great looking camels! If you want a copy of the photos, they are on our Facebook page. Be sure to tag yourself and like our page.

We also had loads of you sign up with an interest in Yearbook. Can’t wait to see all of you at the meeting (Monday at 5:30). If you have any questions or special interests, don’t hesitate to email us.

Street Fair is always a fun event. Hello, you get free stuff!! What’s not to like. Between free snow cones, sweet tea, coffee, candy, popcorn, and more goodies, you get your food fix. There were also great coupons, giveaways, and so many clubs to sign up for. Maybe, one of the best parts has to be the live camels. Whether you got to ride one or were lucky enough to be spit on, they were pretty legit.

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We are so incredibly excited about this year and hope to create an awesome book for you guys. It will be a great year full of many pictures, quotes, blog posts, and fun. Even if you aren’t a part of the Yearbook staff, you can still participate. Send us your photos of camel life, tell us an interesting story, give your opinion, or just follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We don’t want you guys to just be in the Yearbook but an interactive part of it.


Joanna D’Ancona (


Marisa Linton (

And we’re back!

So long summer — and hello CU! We hope everyone had a fun-filled summer — whether studying abroad, enjoying a nice vacation or some much-needed R&R, or even working on those internships and summer jobs.

Campbell certainly hasn’t taken a break while you were gone. There’s been tons of activity in Buies Creek in the last few months. And here’s just a few of the highlights:

1) It’s finally here!  The Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine welcomed its first class of students on Monday, August 5.  The Levine Hall of Medical Sciences supports state of the art simulation labs, anatomy labs, classroom lecture halls, study rooms and a small cafe.   News outlets all over the country have been positively buzzing about Campbell’s newest school and we couldn’t be more Campbell Proud that it’s here!

Campbell Building web

2) No more “trailer in the sky.” Construction crews have been busy over at Barker-Lane Stadium. Significant progress is made daily at the new-look home of the Camels, with most of the grandstand’s structure and fixtures in place. Crews will begin installing seats in the coming days. With the main structure in place, interior utility work progresses in the tower, and masonry continues beneath the grandstand. Nearly all steel for the project is in place, as the team practices through training camp.
Stadium Progess 813

The 2013 season will begin on Aug. 31 at Charlotte. The team’s six-game home schedule will start with UVa.-Wise on Sept. 7 at 6 p.m.

3) Changes in leaders announced.  Dr. Dwaine Greene, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, has been selected as the next president of Georgetown College in Kentucky.  Campbell’s loss is Georgetown’s gain. Congratulations, Dr. Greene!   J. Rich Leonard took over as new dean of the Campbell Law School on July 15. And Dr. Ben Hawkins, dean of the School of Business announced his retirement come December.  Keith Faulkner will take over as dean.


4) The Student Infirmary becomes the Campbell Health Center.  Campbell University’s Health Center has opened its doors to the public. The Health Center located on the university’s main campus in Buies Creek now boasts a full medical staff and an in-house pharmacy, with specialities in family medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, weight loss, counseling and OMM.

5) And last but not least — your Pineburr Online got a new look.  Check out the Featured Events.  and Calendars, just like usual.    Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 14 10.58

So what did you do with YOUR summer?