Throwback Thursday:

After flipping through the 2009 Pine Burr Yearbook I noticed that 6 years ago Campbell football returned after 58 years on the hottest day of the year. The addition of football at Campbell allowed more community support campus involvement. Traditionally students dress in orange, wear crazy hats, wigs and bring cowbells or noise makers. At the top of this picture three students from the 2009 game embraced their love for Campbell by painting themselves orange and wearing brightley colored wigs. I encourage you to show your school spirit at the upcoming game this Saturday at 6pm. Don’t forget to bring your friends and your “Camel Crazy” Spirit and maybe you will be featured in this year’s edition of the Pine Burr. Go Camels! FullSizeRender

Written By: Rachael Wheeler 

Spring Fling 1996

Flipping through old yearbooks from previous classes, it’s amazing to see how much Campbell University has changed just in the past few years. But given all of the new change in landscape, buildings, and academic programs, some things at Campbell will always remain the same. Campbell is home to many yearly traditions, including the annual Spring Fling.

This Thursday we are taking you back to Campbell’s Spring Fling in 1996. So what was going on around campus during Spring Fling 19 years ago? Campbell students enjoyed several events similar to the ones hosted this week by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Unlike Spring Fling this year, in 1996 Spring Fling was only a 3-day event. To kick things off for Spring Fling 1996, the Student Activities Office hosted the “Spring Kickoff Dance” in Cannon Parlor. Students also engaged in many outdoor activities ranging from volleyball to limbo. One afternoon, students gathered around to listen to the group “Life in General” which performed outside in front of Rumley Center. Despite hauling-in 2 tons of sand to create a makeshift beach, “the signs of winter were still apparent” with overcast skies and low temperatures. But students did not let the cooler weather have an ill effect on their Spring Fling festivities.

Coming back to Spring Fling in 2015, students have already been participating in various outdoor activities. So far, students have participated in a fun game of Rock-n-Roll on Monday, tie-dying shirts on Tuesday, and a “State Fair Festival” at Saylor Park on Wednesday. The week of fun will come to an end on Saturday after students dress up for a night of fun in Garner for the “Spring Formal.” Fortunately for us, with warmer temperatures and sunny days, we are having a little more cooperation from Mother Nature.


Written By: Deagan Williams

Throwback Thursday

Valentines Day at Campbell University in 1989 contained a dance, big dresses, and cute couples.

image1 (3)image2










While we might not be having a dance, not much has changed.  After reading the story about the event, it is evident the same things are expected out of Valentine’s Day today.  A “knight in shinning armor” and red, white and pink balloons are things people think of when they hear this cliche holiday.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is a student’s love for food.  The caption reads “A full table of refreshments is always the main attraction at a dance.”  This is certainly still true today.  We college students are drawn to an event if there is going to be good free food and the dances that CAB puts on today (especially spring formal) is known to have delicious food.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

Throwback Thursday



The 1962 Pine Burr Yearbook shows many things that no longer exist on the Campbell University campus.  This includes clubs, dorms and traditions.  But one thing that was interesting, was the similarity in the names of two different female dorms.  In 1962, a new dorm had just been built and the temporary name was simply “New Dorm”.   This dorm is now Jones Hall.  When the present Pat Barker was first created, it was “New Hall” and many seniors and juniors still refer to the dorm as New Dorm.  Looking back over how many people were in charge of the dorms in 1962, it is quite a lot considering there was far less students at Campbell.










Throwback Thursday

Halloween is tomorrow! How many procrastinators out there still don’t know what to wear?  Back in 1991, many students simply painted their faces for their costumes.












































And some students just used what they had.  Many of you may already have this costume considering we recently had a Greek Dance.











Many of you may be thinking, “i have no idea how to paint my face to make it look like a mask”.  Well you have two options.  1. Look it up on Youtube.  2. Become friends with an art major. You could gain a lifelong friend!  Have a Happy Halloween!


Written By: Hannah Gooding

Throwback Thursday

Campus has changed a lot in just the past year and certainly has changed greatly in 34 years.  These are a few pictures of well known landmarks on campus from 1980 compared to today.

Kivett Hall





















and today…











There are a few differences to Kivett such as different pathways and no balcony above the main entrance. Even the main entrance doors are different.

Here is the gazebo and well in 1980,











and today…











The structure looks the same but has different landscaping.

Finally, Pearson Hall in 1980.











And today…









So which looks better out of all the changes? Has the campus changed for the better?


Written By: Hannah Gooding

Throwback Thursday











I have often wondered where the obsession for zombies came from over the past few years.  There are so many movies now concerning the Zombie Apocalypse such as World War Z and zombie movies in general such as Warm Bodies.  Why did people get so obsessed with zombies recently? Well an explanation to my question was found in the 1998 yearbook.  The picture above was found in the book.  This shows people have always been fascinated by the thought of zombies.  Zombie movies have also been around for awhile as well.  In 1998, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island was released.  Zombie movies have been made ever since movies first began being produced.  With the month of October being halfway over, it is time to start watching films that will scare you to begin celebrating Halloween.  How many of you will be dressing up as a zombie for Halloween this year?


Written By: Hannah Gooding