Throwback Thursday:

After flipping through the 2009 Pine Burr Yearbook I noticed that 6 years ago Campbell football returned after 58 years on the hottest day of the year. The addition of football at Campbell allowed more community support campus involvement. Traditionally students dress in orange, wear crazy hats, wigs and bring cowbells or noise makers. At the top … Continue reading Throwback Thursday:

Spring Fling 1996

Flipping through old yearbooks from previous classes, it’s amazing to see how much Campbell University has changed just in the past few years. But given all of the new change in landscape, buildings, and academic programs, some things at Campbell will always remain the same. Campbell is home to many yearly traditions, including the annual … Continue reading Spring Fling 1996

Throwback Thursday

Valentines Day at Campbell University in 1989 contained a dance, big dresses, and cute couples.                   While we might not be having a dance, not much has changed.  After reading the story about the event, it is evident the same things are expected out of Valentine's Day … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

    The 1962 Pine Burr Yearbook shows many things that no longer exist on the Campbell University campus.  This includes clubs, dorms and traditions.  But one thing that was interesting, was the similarity in the names of two different female dorms.  In 1962, a new dorm had just been built and the temporary name … Continue reading Throwback Thursday