Connections– yay or nay?

CUW has had an identity change, and it is now called Connections. It has officially completed its 3rd week. There are positive, confusing, and annoying changes that leave many undecided about the benefits of the change.

“Choosing where I sit is an obvious bonus, but I also like that there are more events to choose from and go to. There is more options which provides something for everyone,” said Emily McIntosh, a sophomore in communication broadcasting.

Not only can we sit where we want in Turner Auditorium, but we now have the choice to go to Wednesday 10 o’clock meetings like normal or go to events such as plays, concerts, worship services, and community service. The option of picking and choosing is now available; however, with this new found freedom also comes the added responsibility of calculating our attendance up. This has been made easier by incorporating Blackboard to make life so much simpler.

Yet, with every new program, come negative results and kinks.

“While I like being able to choose what we go to, it seemed to be easier to just show up to Wednesday CUW than figuring out all these added events,” said Joanna D’Ancona, a communication pre-law major sophomore.

Indeed, it does seem to be added work. Before, we could miss 2 CUW’s, but now we can’t miss any. If we do, than we have to make it up with 2 events because there are not as many CUW’s as events required; however, if we go to every single CUW, then we get all the credit we need. Confusing right? To make things clearer for all, to obtain credit in Connections, you have to get 15 credits, aka go to 15 events. 8 of those have to be in the spiritual formation section. If you go to 8 CUW’s, and pick 7 events to go to than you are good to go, but it is Connections so the choice is all yours. The syllabus gives a list of approved events and explains everything in detail.

Overall, it is nice to have options and be able to sit where you want. Now, if only we could learn that they will make you sit towards the front and in the middle so people do not have to crawl over others. It is a learning process for all and will hopefully turn out well. For now we will just try to sort out the confusion, plan our attendance, and get excited about the long awaited flash drives with the important syllabus loaded on it.

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