Waiting Game for CAB’s Spring Break Cruise

On Sunday night (Sept. 9) students started getting in line for the Spring Break Cruise Trip. Signups did not start until 7am on Tuesday. Needless to say, they wanted that trip. Joanna D’Ancona, sophomore in communications wrote about her experience in the following log. Her group included Jacob Shires, junior in political science pre-law; Elizabeth Wells, sophomore in chemistry; and Ethan Roper, junior in pre-pharmacy.

Hour six: the Oasis has been closed for one hour now and the two groups are still high in spirits. We just blew up the air mattresses and are trying to figure out who will sleep first. The excitement of a 7-day cruise for only 500 dollars with travel, gratuities and food included is overwhelming. The boys venture to the 24-hour room in the library to use the bathroom and brush their teeth. Finally, with the air mattresses on the side of the student center building and book bags in a queue in front of the door, half of the group bunkers down to take their sleeping shift. I cannot help but wonder if every person who passes us on the road thinks we are homeless.

Hour seven: The other groups half asleep half awake sits first at the door. They have been here for 14 hours already. We have kept ourselves occupied with Cranium and a trip to the 24 hour room where I am surprised to see students (probably grad students) studying already in the 4th week of school. This reminds me of the two papers I have to write tomorrow. I am nodding off while sitting down and am not sure if the two Motrin I just took will actually help the pain my back is in. In an hour I will be happily sleeping on an air mattress and forget all my worries until 6 am.

Hour 12: The Oasis has opened to let the few of us in. We have claimed our booths and will not be moving for the next 24 hours. I am ecstatic and extremely tired. That is all.

Hour 14: 9:00 am we are signed up for the cruise in slots  4-7. Now we have to occupy ourselves in the Oasis for the rest of the day.

Hour 19: We are guaranteed a spot now we just have to stick it out until 7. I am still freaking out.

Hour 22: All my happiness is gone.

… must watch Moulin Rouge 

Hour 23:  I am going to die.

Halfway between hour 23 and hour 24:  My friends come in to find me and bring me some happiness and are surprised to discover me under the table in a blanket cocoon. After conversing it was time for them to leave and I fell back into the abyss that is beneath the table.

Hour 35: I was woken at 6:33 in the morning by a lovely screech telling me to pack up my stuff and head to the front of the Oasis so we could start the payment line process.

I am happy to say that my determination allowed me to be in the first group to pay and leave. It may have been unnecessary to camp out Sunday night, but I think that it added to the experience and gave me an even better story to tell when I talk about the cruise. This cruise will be so fun and I am happy to be able to spend it with my friends.

All I have to say is HECK YEAH BABY!!!!! 😀

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