Food Fight!!!

Have you ever dreamed of getting in a food fight? Have you wanted to throw all sorts of food at people that you may or may not know and get crazy messy? Well, there is a food fight happening on campus starting tomorrow, Sept. 25; however, it is not your typical food fight. There won’t be any mess or food flying through the air that will land on your intended target. I know, you are probably thinking what fun is that and what is the purpose. Well, the purpose is to help the Harnett Food Pantry that is in dire need of supplies. They serve 200 families a month and are getting low on supplies. Get your arsenals of cans and food ready to donate to help win this fight. It may not be messy, but it can be fun.

Make it a competition with your friends. See who can donate the most food or even the most random food. Create a scavengar hunt at the grocery store and whoever checks out first wins. Be creative, and do what you can to help out!

Bins will be set up in academic buildings, residence halls, the fitness center, Carter Gym, and the student centers. Targets are everywhere, and you have until Nov. 15. Stock up on your ammunition and fight!

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