It’s Yearbook time!!

Have you stop by to receive your year book? If not, come by the student center. There will be a table located in there with a few of our yearbook staff. We will pass our year books from April 27th until April 4th in the student center starting at 10:00 am. If you have any question please just ask! We are all excited to show you the hard work and effort the yearbook staff has brought forward this year.Tshirt 12116 copy

This week in the Creek!

Are you familiar with CAB? CAB stands for Campus Activities Board. It is an amazing¬† is an organization here at Campbell that makes our life here on campus pretty great! CAB makes concerts, formals, trips and events possible for us! One of our favorite things here on campus is FREE T-Shirts! Today from 12pm-3pm free t-shirts and doughnuts will be given away to ALL students! It is located in the Academic circle, right in front of Drich! Don’t forget, today is, “Free Hug Day.”IMG_0009

This week in the Creek!

Every year Campbell University has hosted Wellness week. This is a week full of events. These events can include everything you love here on our campus! Free shirts and connections credit! This is a week-long event that only focuses on wellness and mental health. You will be given tons of opportunities to learn new things and to relax. There is a schedule for this week posted everywhere on campus. I encourage you to stop and take a look. Enjoy your week Camels! DSC_0898

Doughnuts anyone?

Doughnuts are given almost every other week at Campbell! It is typically located in front of Lundy! Don’t forget to stop by and grab one on the way to class if you see them!



Spring Fling Week!

This week or Campus Activities Board has many activities for all of us to be apart of. It is finally Spring Fling week and we are all excited to have much fun! Tuesday: Baseball & BBQ. Wednesday: Bonfire. Thursday: Comedian Sam Comroe. Friday: Fry-Day, Fun Day You don’t want to miss anything! Don’t forget the best part of this all is new Shirts!!


Living off campus!

Name: anoymous

hometown: Raleigh

Year: 2018


Some of you may think living off of campus is pretty crazy, or some of you may think it’s the best thing! As a senior this year I decided to move back at home. I lived on campus the previous year, but I wanted to live off of campus. As we are heading towards the ending of spring semester I am so happy I decided to live off of campus. Not only do I get to see my family more, but I get to save more money!! I do miss many things that go during the day on campus, but social media always keeps us up! I’m not really involved in anything, however, I do attend lots of the physical activity classes. My favorite is Zumba. The dance instructors are amazing, and I always encourage others to attend the classes. Since I’m not really involved in anything zumba classes gives me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends! That is one thing I will miss when I graduate this May!




Spin class!


Have you heard about our amazing spin class that is offered here on our main campus? Most classes are about an hour, but the spin class here is about 30 minutes. You can come for 30 minutes, get a little work out in and head right back to class! Spin class is offered Wednesday’s at 1:00pm and Thursday’s at 7:00am. The Instructor is Rebecca Robison! Have I mentioned how amazing she is? Come check out spin class!