Student Life this week in the creek:

This week in the creek C.A.B is hosting two events for students. On Tuesday September 21st from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. there will be a Karaoke Night held in the Student Union. All students are welcomed to either participate or just come to support the performances! C.A.B will also be hosting a movie night … Continue reading Student Life this week in the creek:

Finals Week Stress Relief

With finals looming around the corner, students hurry to finish up their final presentations, last minute additions to their papers, and cramming before the last test of the semester. There is a lot of weight placed on these students as they prepare for their final grade in the class to become concrete, either hoping or … Continue reading Finals Week Stress Relief

“It’s in God’s Hands now”

Last night was the final night of preliminary competition. Graduate student Brittany Thornton competed in swimsuit Sami McDaniel played a beautiful piece on the piano for her talent Scarlett Short performed a lyrical dance for her talent Sue Ann Forrest wore a stunning green evening gown and answered her onstage question about how women need … Continue reading “It’s in God’s Hands now”

D1 Athlete or Coach: Do you have what it takes?

Many kids grow up with the desire to play sports at the Division 1 level, which is the highest level of collegiate sports. Although, this may be a dream for many, it will only become a reality for few. Yes, talent does play a huge factor in getting to this level; however, there are other … Continue reading D1 Athlete or Coach: Do you have what it takes?