On Saturday, April 18, 2015, in a conference game against Charleston Southern, Andrew Witczak gets the start on the mound for the Camels. He cruises through the first inning and goes back out for the second. With no runners on and one out, the second batter of the inning steps in the box. Andrew works the batter to a 1-1 count; steps back on the rubber to get the sign from the catcher for the next pitch. The catcher calls a fastball; Witczak nods his head up and down to confirm the sign. He starts his wind up towards home plate, as he throws the pitch, he felt something completely unorthodox happen in his arm as the balled flopped out of his hand and bounced on the ground. That was it! Little did he know, he would be out for the rest of the season with one of pitchers most feared injuries, Tommy John. Over the next eleven to twelve and a half months, Andrew would be on his “Road 2 Recovery.”


By: Erick Gaylord 


Jam Session

Come out to the Jam Session, hosted by CAB, in the Wallace Student Center on March 17th, 2016 at 8pm. Xzavier Williams, a returning participant of the Jam Sessions believes, “ the overall talent that comes out is very good and it is a lot of fun to watch the talent. It is also a lot of fun to meet new people and hang out with friends.” Xzavier loves to sing, and perform songs that he has written himself. If you enjoy singing or even just playing an instrument this is a great event to network and socialize with other talented students.

Below: Xzavier Williams performing his songs.


By: Emily LaBonte

My Cheer Experience

Cheer leading, typically thought of as a girls sport, or not even a sport at all, but not usually associated with males. This stereotype is very untrue. Cheerleading has tons of males involved in it, especially during the competition aspect of it. Cheer involves lifting people in the air, not throwing a 2lb ball. There are extensive workouts because it involves and requires all of your muscles to be used. A little background on myself, I have never cheered a day in my life until my senior year here at CU. I did pageants, modeled, sang, and played soccer and basketball as a young child. In high school I was competitive dancer for all four years. Again, the stereotypes of dance are untrue; it requires for a person to be conditioned and physically active. I came back to Campbell this year wanting to find a way to get active and get back in shape. Cheer I thought was a good option. Little did I know how much physical activity it entailed, I love cheering. Collegiate cheering is much different from high school and competition cheer. From the way we stunt, to the way we tumble, and also to the rules that we have to follow. One thing that differs us from competition cheer is the fact that we only get one chance to prove ourselves in the cheer world. One competition to show off all of our skills that we have worked so diligently on during the year. From my perspective I look at the football and basketball games as simple practices and ways to keep ourselves involved. Cheer is honestly based off of muscle memory, hitting the same stunt 40 times in a row, and then doing it after a month without practice and hitting it comes from muscle memory. If we are being completely honest here, my favorite part of cheering is the chants and showing spirit at the games, it’s the stunting and building relationships with people that I otherwise would not even speak to if it wasn’t for cheer. The feeling of putting on that uniform on game day is so different. Even if some may argue that statement, putting on that uniform knowing you’re a representation of your university, makes you want to go out and hit all of your stunts, and land all of your tumbling. Cheering for me isn’t just about the scholarship, or working out, or even putting the hard work in, it is honestly all about the friendships, and  being a part of something bigger. Walking around campus and people recognizing me because I stand on the field or on the court with a uniform boosts my self-esteem. Cheering during a game is so much fun because you are the one who starts the chanting, you are the one who tries to get the crowd pumped for the game. Win or lose a game, WE ARE CU! GO CAMELS!


Written By: Austin Ivory Phelps

Q&A with Campbell Faces

Junior, Jenny Hegarty, is a Marketing major and an Psychology minor from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. Read this article to learn more about Jenny’s way of using her talents to show Campbell Pride.


“I think it is so important to try new things without letting the fear of failure control your decision making process”

Q: What is an interesting fact about you?

I’ve taken a camp with the Radio City Rockettes, and had the opportunity to dance in the Radio City Music Hall for a week when I was in high school! It was such a life­changing experience that I will never forget!

Q: What activities do you participate in?

I am a Resident Assistant (RA) in Hedgpeth Hall, as well as a member of the Campbell University Dance Team, the Christian Business Initiative Club, and the Marketing Club!

Q: As a new member of the Campbell Dance Team, why do you choose to show your school spirit through dancing?

My favorite part of dancing is that it takes me away from everything else in my world. When I am dancing and moving, I feel so free from the expectations of school and other stresses in my life. When I dance, I feel like the purest, most joyful form of myself. It’s a very addictive feeling. I have never felt so much pride for my school until I saw the fans at the first game. It made all of the hard work worth it when I saw the fans engaging in our band dances and cheering on the Camels. It’s a great feeling to see people waving at you and taking your picture because its a special moment to me as well as my peers.

Q:Why did you choose your major? What are your plans for after graduation?

I eventually would like to open up my own dance studio, and to do that, I need to learn how to run my own business. Creative people are often so good at choreographing and absorbed in teaching that they have no knowledge of how to manage money, advertise, or run a business efficiently. I’m hoping that as a Marketing major, I will learn how to market myself and my future studio while gaining a general knowledge of accounting, business law, and communications in addition. I’m also minoring in Psychology so I can attempt to learn as much about common developmental patterns of the aged children I will be teaching in my classes.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to Campbell students, both current and future, what would it be?

If I could give anyone advice who is coming to Campbell, my biggest thing I like to talk to other people about is using every experience to build yourself into a strong person. I try to encourage my residents to get out of their comfort zones and do things that excite them in life. I think it is so important to try new things without letting the fear of failure control your decision making process. Each time you fall does not make you into the person that you will become, but how you get up shapes who you are. College is a time where there is lots of falling because everything is new and unfamiliar, but we really decide who we are when we choose how we are going to get up when we find ourselves in tough situations.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

By: Destiny Goins

While We Were Gone… Spring Break


Many things have happened over spring break.  From the Big South Tournament to the CAB trip, spring break is an exciting time that means we are getting closer to another school year being over.

Many students went to Myrtle Beach for spring break to participate in the Big South Tournament, to attend the game, and to enjoy the beach.  While the sea, fog, and wind may have been a setback for enjoying the beach, it was an exciting time at Coastal Carolina where the tournament was held.  The men’s basketball team had a good game on Wednesday, March 4, but lost to Garner Webb.  The women, however, won their game on Thursday and went on to the semi-finals.

The students who went on the cruise with CAB had an excellent time enjoying the weather of the tropics.  They were supposed to go to four ports: Nassau, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan.  However, the waves were too high for their boat to dock in Roatan and they only went to the other three ports, but who can complain with an otherwise excellent cruise in warm weather?!

For the Pine Burr staff, spring break was an exciting time when the last pages of this year’s yearbook was sent off to be printed.  We are excited to announce that our book will be ready for students to pick up in April and more details will be coming up as it gets closer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing spring break and is ready to enjoy the last two months here at Campbell for the 2014-2015 year.

This weeks events:

Tuesday March 10: Lacrosse game at 4

Wednesday March 11: Salsa night at 7 in Rumley

Thursday March 12: Holi Festival at 6 in Saylor Park

Friday March 13: Baseball game at 6 and Movie night: Mockingjay Part 1 at 9 in Turner Auditorium

Saturday March 14: Pi-K at 8:30 in the Lundy Parking Lot, Lacrosse game at 1, Medieval Games at 3 in Academic Circle, and a baseball game at 4.

Written By: Hannah Gooding

Q&A with Campbell Faces

Originally from Ramseur, North Carolina, Tiffany Seawell came to Campbell not only to work hard, but to lead in Healthcare Management and Business.

“The first time I stepped foot onto Campbell’s campus, I locked in my decision. I love the atmosphere and I love the people,” Seawell said. “I have great relationships with not only my peers but also my professors and even the Dean of Lundy-Fetterman School of Business.”

Seawell has led the charge on campus in healthcare management, overseeing a panel discussion on healthcare expansion in North Carolina, as President of the Healthcare Management Club.

“We planned and worked up until the day of the panel discussion. We all worked tirelessly last semester, and I’m so proud to say that the panel discussion was a success.” Seawell said. “I definitely did not do it alone, I had a great team.”

In addition to hosting the outstanding panel discussion, Seawell has been a dynamic student leader in her field through her experiences interning.

“I have had two internships where I worked with the Administrator of a nursing home and the Administrator of an assisted living for the mentally ill. These internships were probably the most important thing I have done to better my education.” Seawell said. “After gaining experience, concepts in the classroom became real and I was able to connect to lessons more by being able to apply them to what I have experienced.”

Seawell attributes much of her success to the opportunities she was afforded as a student at Campbell.

“When I met Dean Hawkins on a visitation day, and he knew my name, I knew that this was my school.” Seawell said. “He promised me great opportunities and a great education, which I have gotten ten-fold.”











Written By: Louis Duke

Date Night

On Thursday, January 29th at 7:00pm over 30 students gathered in the Rumley Center to enjoy an evening of fun and festivities centered around dating on campus.

Date Night, the special event hosted by the Campus Activities Board, provided students with an enjoyable evening of games that tested their resilience as a couple and their potential to become a couple in the future.

“It was a lot of fun. It was cool that we knew that much about each other.” said Beth Potter, a Freshman biology major and participant in the first round of games that evening, the newly-wed game which hilariously tested how well each couples knew one another.

“I thought we were gonna miss a couple of them that we got right, that was pretty cool.” said Trevor Miller, a Junior Exercise Science Major, and one of the evening’s game winners, rising to the top of the newly-wed game.

With two rounds of humorously exciting games that were definite crowd pleasers, the evening’s participants played not only the newly-wed game to test their knowledge of one another, but then played the dating game to test their potential compatibility, much in the fashion of speed dating.

Featuring corny pickup lines, the dating game put a comical twist on the traditionally clique speed dating environment, treating the students gathered to a more enjoyable and relaxed environment.

From hilarious couple stories to cheesy pick up lines to fantastic prizes and the latest music, the Campus Activity Board’s Date Night was a crowd pleasing event that brought dozens of students together for a casual evening away from the cold outside and impending homework to enjoy one another and put a very humorous spin on the age old game of romance on a college campus.


















Written By: Louis Duke