Life as a Commuter

Name: Faith Rives Home Town: Sanford, North Carolina Age: 20 Major: Health Care Management Year: Sophomore I lived on campus my first year here at Campbell University as a Freshman.  My first year here was great, but I realized I missed my environment back at home in Sanford. Not only do I  have commitments, but … Continue reading Life as a Commuter

Public Health Student Spotlight: Courtney Davis

For Courtney, an undergrad degree just wasn't enough! She is in the process of completing her first year as a Public Health graduate student here at Campbell. Thanks to the 3-2 program, Courtney will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Communication undergrad degree and a Master of Science in Public Health degree … Continue reading Public Health Student Spotlight: Courtney Davis

Business School Student Spotlight

Nick Ferrara, a senior business administration, marketing double major at Campbell University. He has spent most of his years at Campbell in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business and loved it so much he decided to pursue a second major within the business school. I was able to ask Nick a few questions about his experiences … Continue reading Business School Student Spotlight