Life as a Commuter

Name: Faith Rives

Home Town: Sanford, North Carolina

Age: 20

Major: Health Care Management

Year: Sophomore

I lived on campus my first year here at Campbell University as a Freshman.  My first year here was great, but I realized I missed my environment back at home in Sanford. Not only do I  have commitments, but I also have responsibilities. Commuting allowed me to stay focus and attend the school I wanted for my career. The best thing about commuting is that I still get to experience the college lie living at home. I have friends here on campus and back at home. The worse thing is that you are not as involved with the school, and its hard to attend events/ activities. Another this is group project, its tough to try to meet at night time when I’m a commuter and my group members live on campus. I want others to know that commuting is not  bad thing, most of the time it can be an advantage!





Public Health Student Spotlight: Courtney Davis

For Courtney, an undergrad degree just wasn’t enough! She is in the process of completing her first year as a Public Health graduate student here at Campbell. Thanks to the 3-2 program, Courtney will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Health Communication undergrad degree and a Master of Science in Public Health degree in just 5 years.
Q: What made you want to go into graduate school?

When I came into college as a freshman, I originally did not think I would go to graduate school. Sure, I had dreamed about it for future purposes, but the thought did not cross my mind until sophomore year. After I switched majors from Pre-Pharmacy to Health Communication, my new advisor introduced me to the idea of completing a 3-2 Bachelor of Science in Public Health Accelerated Program. This opportunity allowed me to advance into graduate school a year earlier than planned. Granted, I still had to apply and go through the interview process, but that one in a million chance just couldn’t be passed up!
Q: Why did you choose the Public Health Program?
A: I chose the Public Health program at Campbell because of their driven focus. Working in the backyard of the university, they strive to transform rural and undeserved areas in a sustainable way. From your first week on campus, you are encouraged to out into the community – learning hands-on, building relationships, forming career networks, and changing the world!
Q: How will obtaining this graduate degree help you as you search for a career prior to graduation?
A: I am not worried in the least way about finding a job because I know Campbell, Department of Public Health, has my back. While I complete my coursework throughout the semesters, I also develop and maintain connections with potential bosses through required practicums. This internship-like work with a specialization in rural communities will further help me as I aspire to ignite my passion in the position I’m offered upon graduation. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, right?
Q: Would you suggest this program to any student deciding whether or not to pursue Public Health, or even a graduate degree as a whole?
A:  I would absolutely recommend an MSPH degree to anyone and everyone. That’s the great thing about this particular education – it’s suited to people from all undergraduate backgrounds. I would especially suggest to those who are still searching for that light at the end of the tunnel, discouraged about not finding the right major, to take a leap and try the 3-2 Accelerated Program. It has entirely changed my perspective in the best way possible, and gives me a lens to view the world in a light that not many people see firsthand. If you think graduate school isn’t for you, I still advise you to advance your education in some form or fashion. I can’t thank Campbell enough for pushing me to think outside the box and expand my horizons. Starting professional academia at the age of 21 was not ideal to me, but now, with a year left of schooling, I couldn’t imagine myself in any other place with two degrees.
Interview by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

Business School Student Spotlight

Nick Ferrara, a senior business administration, marketing double major at Campbell University. He has spent most of his years at Campbell in the Lundy-Fetterman School of Business and loved it so much he decided to pursue a second major within the business school. I was able to ask Nick a few questions about his experiences within the business school.

Hometown: Ocean, New Jersey

Major(s): Business Administration and Marketing

What do you like most about your major(s)? 

“Focusing on marketing in particular, everything seems so interesting to me. The marketing world is constantly adapting and growing which means you have to be as well if you want to stay on top of your game.”

Have you switched majors? If so what made you stick with this one?

“I have not switched majors, but business administration used to be my only major until I decided to add in marketing.”

What class (intended for your major) have you enjoyed the most?

“I really enjoyed Global Marketing with Mr. Gilchrist. He is a great professor and I found this class to be very interesting.”

What do you plan on doing with your degree post graduation?

“I plan on finding a sports marketing job in or around a major city where I can settle down and find a place to call home for a little while.”

Interview/written by: Kaitlyn Dixon