Life as a Commuter

Name: Faith Rives

Home Town: Sanford, North Carolina

Age: 20

Major: Health Care Management

Year: Sophomore

I lived on campus my first year here at Campbell University as a Freshman.  My first year here was great, but I realized I missed my environment back at home in Sanford. Not only do I  have commitments, but I also have responsibilities. Commuting allowed me to stay focus and attend the school I wanted for my career. The best thing about commuting is that I still get to experience the college lie living at home. I have friends here on campus and back at home. The worse thing is that you are not as involved with the school, and its hard to attend events/ activities. Another this is group project, its tough to try to meet at night time when I’m a commuter and my group members live on campus. I want others to know that commuting is not  bad thing, most of the time it can be an advantage!




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