Final Q&A Tuesday

For our last Q&A with Campbell Faces, the editors, Joanna and Marisa share their experience as editors and bid farewell. Special thanks to Emily McIntosh for shooting and editing the video. Thank you to everyone who make the Yearbook possible all year long. We will miss you!



Feeling Squirrley?

If you haven’t heard, the yearbooks have been sent to the publisher, and delivery is this month!! Hurrah!!!! We are so very excited; however, we are not excited about the fact that this year, the Pine Burr will not be free for students. In years past, it has always been free. I suppose we can blame the economy. Pine Burr staff, has decided to offer a limited number of FREE yearbooks to students, though. How can you be one of the lucky ones? Send us a picture of the tailess squirrel around campus. He has been seen around Jones dorm and surrounding area. If you don’t want to have to pay for a yearbook, send a pic of the tailess squirrel to Good luck!


Pine Burr Yearbook Staff


Yearbooks aren’t free? WHAT?!!




Written by Marisa Linton



PS April Fools! All yearbooks are free regardles if you get a tailess squirrel picture, but please, still take a picture and send it to us. We will do feature on you!

Throwback Thursday

100 Years Ago…

The year is 1914, and the world of baseball is in the spotlight. Baseball stadium Weegham Park, later to be known as Wrigley Field, opens in Chicago, and Babe Ruth makes his major league debut with the Red Sox. Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States makes Mother’s Day as an official holiday in this year. WWI is raging in Europe; however, America declares neutrality.

In the Creek, the baseball team is a proud facet of the school, and students are thrilled for their season. The baseball team can be seen in the below picture. In the 1914 Pine Burr yearboook, they said, “A few years ago the most conspicuous figure in high-school and college life was the best debator, now the best athlete claims equal consideration….a recognition of a strong body in which to build a strong mind” is essential. There were policies in place that prevented the athletes to compete in games that interfered with their “recitations”, putting an emphasis on education, but recognizing the merits of physical activity.


Written by Marisa Linton

Photo: 1914 Pine Burr, pg 58

Throwback Thursday







Although we don’t get it often, snow is not a novelty to Campbell. These photos are from the 1970 Pine Burr. I do believe their snow is slightly less icy. Ya’ll stay safe out there and enjoy the day off!

Written by Marisa Linton





Throwback Thursday

Take a look at this gem from 1912. At a century old, this yearbook cover is definitely a blast from the past. So, what was happening in 1912 when this book was printed? Here is a list of some interesting events during that year:

  • New Mexico was the 47th state admitted to the Union
  • The USA occupied Nicaragua to ensure the Nicaragua Canal was constructed by America
  • Arizona was the 48th state admitted to the Union
  • Girl Scouts were founded
  • The Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg
  • Arthur Rose Eldred becomes the first Eagle Scout
  • William Taft was the President of the USA
  • A unique, 4- way presidential election occurred with Theodore Roosevelt creating his own party (Progressive Party) and Woodrow Wilson winning the election.


Written by: Marisa Linton

Photo by: Ashley Howerton