Feeling Squirrley?

If you haven’t heard, the yearbooks have been sent to the publisher, and delivery is this month!! Hurrah!!!! We are so very excited; however, we are not excited about the fact that this year, the Pine Burr will not be free for students. In years past, it has always been free. I suppose we can blame the economy. Pine Burr staff, has decided to offer a limited number of FREE yearbooks to students, though. How can you be one of the lucky ones? Send us a picture of the tailess squirrel around campus. He has been seen around Jones dorm and surrounding area. If you don’t want to have to pay for a yearbook, send a pic of the tailess squirrel to mdlinton0603@email.campbell.edu. Good luck!


Pine Burr Yearbook Staff


Yearbooks aren’t free? WHAT?!!




Written by Marisa Linton



PS April Fools! All yearbooks are free regardles if you get a tailess squirrel picture, but please, still take a picture and send it to us. We will do feature on you!