D1 Athlete or Coach: Do you have what it takes?

Many kids grow up with the desire to play sports at the Division 1 level, which is the highest level of collegiate sports. Although, this may be a dream for many, it will only become a reality for few. Yes, talent does play a huge factor in getting to this level; however, there are other small components that separate D-1 athletes and Coaches from other collegiate divisions. We were able to sit down with Campbell University Assistant Coach and former Campbell Camel Mike Delucia, and talk about what it takes to be an athlete and a coach at the D1 level.

Written and Interview By: Erick Gaylord



On Saturday, April 18, 2015, in a conference game against Charleston Southern, Andrew Witczak gets the start on the mound for the Camels. He cruises through the first inning and goes back out for the second. With no runners on and one out, the second batter of the inning steps in the box. Andrew works the batter to a 1-1 count; steps back on the rubber to get the sign from the catcher for the next pitch. The catcher calls a fastball; Witczak nods his head up and down to confirm the sign. He starts his wind up towards home plate, as he throws the pitch, he felt something completely unorthodox happen in his arm as the balled flopped out of his hand and bounced on the ground. That was it! Little did he know, he would be out for the rest of the season with one of pitchers most feared injuries, Tommy John. Over the next eleven to twelve and a half months, Andrew would be on his “Road 2 Recovery.”


By: Erick Gaylord 


Q&A with Campbell Faces

Joshua Moorman is a 5th year senior and is majoring in Biology.  He talks about his major and what he has enjoyed about his classes at Campbell.

What brought you to Campbell?

Scholarship, and respected science program

Why Biology as a major?

Interest in animals and anatomy/physiology

What do you suggest to Freshman Biology Majors?

STUDY! It will get much harder so be comfortable with basics.

What are your plans after you graduate?

Large animal research and documentary opportunity

What were your funniest moments at Campbell?

Any Dr. Bartlett class!

What will you miss the most at Campbell?

The people who made my time there worthwhile

Interview By: Lauren Grant

Q&A with Campbell Faces

Originally from Ramseur, North Carolina, Tiffany Seawell came to Campbell not only to work hard, but to lead in Healthcare Management and Business.

“The first time I stepped foot onto Campbell’s campus, I locked in my decision. I love the atmosphere and I love the people,” Seawell said. “I have great relationships with not only my peers but also my professors and even the Dean of Lundy-Fetterman School of Business.”

Seawell has led the charge on campus in healthcare management, overseeing a panel discussion on healthcare expansion in North Carolina, as President of the Healthcare Management Club.

“We planned and worked up until the day of the panel discussion. We all worked tirelessly last semester, and I’m so proud to say that the panel discussion was a success.” Seawell said. “I definitely did not do it alone, I had a great team.”

In addition to hosting the outstanding panel discussion, Seawell has been a dynamic student leader in her field through her experiences interning.

“I have had two internships where I worked with the Administrator of a nursing home and the Administrator of an assisted living for the mentally ill. These internships were probably the most important thing I have done to better my education.” Seawell said. “After gaining experience, concepts in the classroom became real and I was able to connect to lessons more by being able to apply them to what I have experienced.”

Seawell attributes much of her success to the opportunities she was afforded as a student at Campbell.

“When I met Dean Hawkins on a visitation day, and he knew my name, I knew that this was my school.” Seawell said. “He promised me great opportunities and a great education, which I have gotten ten-fold.”











Written By: Louis Duke

Q&A with Campbell Faces

Collins Lopez, senior Political Science/ Pre-Law major, talks about comic books, cemeteries, and studying abroad.












Q: What is an interesting fact about you?


A: I like comic books. Superman is the greatest of all time. He is a hero you can always look up to, even in his darkest times.


Q: Have you been to Comic-Con?


A: I was planning on going to the one in San Diego, but I couldn’t. This month I’ll be going to the North Carolina one with some friends. It’s my first time, so I won’t be dressing up, though.


Q: Why did you choose to major in Political Science/ Pre-Law?


A: I think politics are interesting and necessary. The study of politics really flows into everything. I also love the law. I can apply it to different situations, like from Comm Law I can apply everything I learn to shows like How to Get Away With Murder and Law and Order, which is really interesting.


Q: What do you want to do after graduation?


A: I’m hoping to go to Campbell’s Law School. They have a dual program with NC State that I want to do so I can get a masters in Political Science. I also want to travel. I want to see Europe. I was going to study abroad, but the timing didn’t work out. I’m definitely looking into doing that in Law School. I also love cemeteries, and there are so many in Europe, like High Gate cemetery in London. The history is just so amazing.


Q: What do you do around campus?


A: I am one of the founding fathers of Kappa Sigma. When I came to Campbell, I knew there wasn’t any Greek life and I wanted to change that for the brotherhood that is involved. It was a great opportunity and I am happy to have so many brothers in our chapter.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: Gray, which is weird because there are no gray areas in law.


Interview By: Beth Pandone

Q&A With Campbell Faces

Hannah Shackelford, junior English major, discusses books, being a part of a sisterhood, and being busy.

Hannah (1)











Q: What is an interesting fact about you?


A: I am in Delta Phi Epsilon. I am a founder and the current secretary.


Q: What made you want to be a part of a sorority?


A: The sisterhood. The idea of having people you can always call on for anything. I never had a sister so now I have 50 at this school, and so may more nationwide.


Q: What do you do with the sorority?


A: Well, actually it is our biggest fundraising event of the year was Friday. We had a pageant to raise money for cystic fibrosis. The pageant had 10 men competing to win.


Q: Why did you choose English as your major?


A: I have always loved books. I really have a passion for reading but not writing so much. I want to edit books and help people to make their books better.


Q: What are your plans for after graduation?


A: Grad school, hopefully in England but we’ll see. Then I want to get a job at a publishing house. Hopefully I will be able to work either in an office or at home when I have a family. That really appeals to me.


Q: What else are in involved in on campus?


A: I am the treasurer of the English Club, I am in the Honors Program, The Quiz Bowl Team, English Honors Society, and I work in the Office of Study Abroad.


Q: How do you deal with being so busy?


A: I just do it. There are a lot of night without enough sleep, a lot of days with too many cups of tea. You just gotta do what you gotta do.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: I actually don’t have one. I don’t pick favorites.


Interview By: Beth Pandone

Q&A with Campbell Faces


Katherine Fullwood, sophomore Public Relations major, talks to us about her job on campus, what she wants after graduation, and whistling through high school.











Q: What is an interesting fact about yourself?


A: I have red hair and I can whistle three different ways.


Q: How did you learn to whistle three ways?


A: I was pretty bored in my high school classes.


Q: What made you choose Public Relations?


A: I work for the Fund for Campbell so I get to talk to alumni and different people and I found that I could relate to people well. This made me want to pursue it as a career.


Q: What would you like to do with this after graduation?


A: Actually, I want to work in alumni relations. I will have four years experience by the time I graduate and I’m actually looking into an internship at UNCW. Fingers crossed.


Q: Who is your inspiration?


A: Eleanor Roosevelt, because she was independent, strong, intelligent, and unwilling to change the way she felt even in a dark period of her life when her husband died.


Q: What is your favorite thing about Campbell?


A: I love the community of it. It’s small so you know everyone.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: Blue.


 Interview By: Beth Pandone