Big Sweep– Get Your Brooms Ready!

You are trying to enjoy the great outdoors when you see the dreaded eyesore of trash. It might be a hike in the woods, a canoe trip down the river, or even just riding down the road that you encounter the icky debris. We seem to always run into trash. We may grumble about it and scowl; however, the truth of the matter is, we can help. It might not be your trash, but it is your world. It is important that we keep it user-friendly.

This Saturday, you have the perfect excuse to help make a difference. It is the annual Big Sweep Day. The non-profit organization was started by Dr. Lundie Spence in 1987. At first, it was a spur of the moment decision to clean up the coast, but when 1,000 volunteers showed up to collect over 14 tons of trash, it grew into so much more. In 1989 the effort became known as Big Sweep and expanded to cleaning more than waterways. Since the founding, it has had 300,000 volunteers and picked up 10.3 million pounds of debris in North Carolina.

You can be a part of this outstanding effort. Go to to sign up for Big Sweep. Bring your friends and trash bags and go and conquer trash. Be the hero for the environment. Who knows, you could find something really bizarre. I know I have found a ceiling fan, bed frame, doll, and so much more when doing Big Sweep. I didn’t think picking up trash could be fun, but it is definitely an adventure that gets you outdoors and doing something worthwhile.

Ready, set, go!

Written by: Marisa Linton

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