A Cat in a Hat? What’s Up With That?

We have all grown up with Dr. Seuss and his many characters. Those characters jumped out of the Dr. Seuss books onto a stage during “Seussical the Musical”, a production put on by Campbell University’s Department of Theatre Arts recently. The play combined a conglomeration of the best of Dr. Seuss books with a focus on Horton Hears a Who.Other characters from his many books also made appearances such as the Grinch, Gertrude McFuzz, and Yertle the Turtle. Of course, no Seuss experience is complete without Cat in the Hat. He served as the host of the show and kept everything going, even if that meant propelling down from a window.

The costumes and set props really made the show. Cat was nothing but sparkles and looked quite snazzy. The birds, such as Daisy and Gertrude, were flamboyant and covered in feathers. The Grinch had quite the pot belly and was looking very green. The Whos’ clothes were very fun and colorful, making for a cheerful scene. The costumes were displayed brilliantly with wonderful backdrops and set props. There was a circus tent, clover fields, Whoville, and a jungle present at various times throughout the play.

Overall, the production had the audience laughing, mesmerized, and singing along to the tunes. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “I meant what I said, and said what I meant”… the ticket to see this play was money well spent.

Written by: Marisa Linton

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