A Winter Masquerade

Winter was the right way to describe the weather Wednesday November 14th. With temperatures that would make your fingers freeze and snow slowly falling to the ground one would say that it sure felt like December. Wait a minute… Snow?!?! For students who went to the Winter Ball snow flurries greeted them on the way inside the masquerade themed dance.

Students entered a transformed Convocation Center, which looked more like a scene from Phantom of the Opera with candelabra centerpieces and red rose tablecloths. With beautiful decorations and masks at the doors, a Jazz band, The Moonlighters, completed the Masquerade theme. “I’m having a great time! Everyone looks so beautiful and I think the theme is working perfectly for the night,” said Katlyn Joyner a sophomore who enjoyed her time at the formal last night.

Students helped themselves to a delicious buffet that included everything from chicken skewers to tasty cheesecake bites, which gave them the energy to get their grove on throughout the rest of the night. When the DJ came in students donned their masks and started heading out on the dance floor to show off their skills. From shagging to breakdancing, to just wiggling a leg, students had a long night on the dance floor.

Make sure to look for more pictures and more story in the Pine Burr in the spring!

Written by: Joanna D’Ancona

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