Lights, Camera, Action!

If you have been to the Lundy-Fetterman SOB Building, the library, or flipped through the channels on your TV, you may have come across Campbell’s channel. The one filled with school-related announcements, broadcasting in a constant loop.

With Campbell’s recently added TV studio, questions have been swirling regarding it and the channel’s future:

“Will it just be for production classes?”

“Will the CU network completely take over campus?”

“We have a TV studio?”

Well now, these questions are about to be answered. Beginning this semester, the Communication Studies Department of Campbell University will be hosting its very own television series, “Campbell TV Now.”

The series, which begins Tuesday, February 12, will feature everything from news and entertainment, special guests, and even some special segments.

Before you get the wrong idea, there won’t be any “Jerry Springer” moments or reality TV stars making appearances, but rest assured – there are some great things in store for the series. Think “The Today Show” with a Campbell twist.

Because the show is run by students, everything from the writing to camera work to even the talent is brought to you by your peers. So while some aspects may have a degree of seriousness, the fun had by students in the studio can definitely be seen on screens all around campus.

Another great perk to Campbell’s new show is the chance to see your friends on TV.  Imagine, seeing a friend in one of your classes in the morning, then seeing them later that night on your TV while studying. Who knows? You may even be the one featured on the show one night.

“Campbell TV Now” is about to make a splash here in Buies Creek, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more news ahead, and don’t forget to tune in!

Written by: Emily McIntosh

Photos by: Jordyn Gum

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