If there’s one thing that is certain about the weather here in North Carolina, it’s that it is never certain. Just two weeks ago, people were sporting shorts and flip-flops all over campus, hanging out on the lawn in academic circle, and even eating outside.

In a matter of weeks, Campbell has witnessed its first ice storm of the year. Beginning Friday morning, the sleet and ice began to fall, which caused all afternoon classes here on the main campus to be cancelled. In fact, all food locations closed early for the day.

As for me, I took this opportunity to curl up in my sweatpants, have a mug of hot chocolate, and catch up on Modern Family. I took a nap. Heck, I was even beginning to enjoy this icy weather. So, when I headed to bed for the night, I couldn’t help but smile when I realized that this was the first time in weeks I could just be lazy.

The next morning (let’s be honest here – more like afternoon), I was woken up to a growl in my stomach. I remembered how I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday, before the storm hit Buies Creek. So, I decided to get dressed and head over to Quiznos for some food.

Though the storm had come and gone by morning, its damage was more than visible. A layer of ice and slush covered the brick walkways just enough to make things a little slippery, while puddles of water remained invisible…that is, until you stepped in one. And under every tree, large drops of melting ice attacked from above, aiming for your shoulders, your head, or, even worse, your eyes.

Now, I must admit, Buies Creek is no Russian tundra, by any means, but ice, nevertheless, is a dangerous force of nature, making each step you take a risk of falling flat on your behind, or getting your socks and shoes drenched.

By the time Monday rolls around, the bricks should be cleared and order restored here at Campbell, but until then, stay safe, and remember to block yourself from the melting icicles hanging from the trees!

Written by: Emily McIntosh

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