The Five Biggest Winners of Super Bowl 47

thCAKQUCJOThe last remnants of confetti have been swept away, endless plates littered with leftover chips and dips lay cast off into the trash, and San Francisco fans across the nation are mournfully putting their jerseys away in hopes of a better game next year. Even if you live under a rock, and did not participate in viewing the nation’s most televised event, today it is blatantly obvious by the plethora of Ravens hats, t-shirts and jerseys just who reigned victorious in the 47th Super Bowl. While it may be obvious that the Baltimore Ravens are this year’s Super Bowl champions, the Ravens were not the only ones to benefit greatly from last night’s event.

5. CBS Network

As if CBS wasn’t already planning to promote the endless list of “number one shows” on their channel, which seems a little confusing, nothing could have played into their plans more than a completely random power outage. With so much airtime to fill, what else was CBS to do other than repeatedly promote their many sitcoms and series? There came a point during the Super Bowl in which I couldn’t remember a single product being promoted, but could tell anyone when How I Met Your Mother or NCIS came on during the week. Moreover, while I realize the power outage was out of anyone at CBS’s hands, it appears as if the networked gained some serious promotion time as a result.

4. John HarbaughthCAPJ3NYI

Picture this: For at least a year, you officially reign supreme over your brother, not only in terms of football, but pretty much everything by association. For the next twelve months, it’s safe to say you will always get the bigger slice of cake, the last biscuit in the basket, and your little brother Jim will be doing all your chores. Never mind the fact that both Harbaughs are clearly adults, and probably aren’t subjected to a weekly list of tasks assigned to them by their parents, the principle is the same. In the eyes of the entire nation, and let’s be honest, probably their parents as well, John Harbaugh is the better brother, the Peyton Manning if you will; and as someone with a brother of my own, I can only imagine how sweet a victory this would be.

3. Ray LewisthCAGXD61P

Alleged murder accusations aside, Ray Lewis is amazing. He’s had a ridiculously long career in a field where players’ importance is at times unbearably turbulent. Not only has his career been long, but also unbelievably successful. This season Lewis battled through injury for the better of his team, and every time his teammates are interviewed, they have nothing but praise for the man. Lewis is a lock for the Hall of Fame, and retiring a Super Bowl champion is merely the icing on the cake that is his career. So many amazing athletes come back for “one more season” that doesn’t go so well. I have the utmost respect for Lewis for knowing when his time is up, for loving the game but realizing his health and safety are more important, and any player who can gain that much respect from me is clearly a winner.

2. Every Dance Instructor/Choreographer to Work with Beyoncé Evershowbiz-beyonce-super-bowl-half-time-show-9

With her lip-synching scandal fresh in the minds of America, Beyoncé took the stage during halftime, and to be quite honest, I’m not even sure if she sang. However, what I do remember from the halftime show was a great deal of high energy dancing from a very fit, post-baby 31 year old, and a lot of legs. Beyoncé’s dancing was mind blowing, almost to the point I was scared, and I believe those fabulous legs are a product directly from the dancing. As a result, each and every person to ever work with Beyoncé from her very first dance lesson, to whoever was responsible for her choreography last night, deserves a congratulatory pat on the back. Even if she had been lip-synching, no viewer would have noticed.

1. The Nerd in the Go Daddy Commercial

While Go Daddy’s commercial was utterly disgusting, and I wanted to cry watching it, the supermodel smooching nerd in their ad was the true winner of the Super Bowl. For a few seconds, every man across the nation was wishing he were the four-eyed, curly haired geek making out with Bar Rafaeli. This will never happen again. That nerd will never be so lucky in his life, and I’m pretty certain the Go Daddy marketing team had to do more than a few takes to get the perfect shot. Nothing else needs to be said, this kid wins, hands down.

All around campus last night, students watched these events happen, and have been talking about them ever since. There were many Super Bowl parties that joined opposing sides, cheering for their respective teams. What did you do for Super Bowl? Let us know @cupineburr or post photos to our Facebook page.

Written by: Sierra Smith

Edited by: Marisa Linton


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