Sex Signals

stock-vector-man-woman-love-the-relationships-between-men-and-women-81564211When I think of Campbell University, sexual awareness usually doesn’t come to mind. In fact, sexual awareness doesn’t really cross my train of thought very often.

But if I learned one thing from the lecture Monday night titled Sex Signals, it’s that things like male and female stereotypes and sexual awareness are prevalent in college culture, whether we think about it or not.

Hosted by two young adults from Chicago, the program focused on society’s warped views of males and females as well as raising awareness for issues involving dating and sex such as rape. But instead of giving their message in the lecture style, the program interacted with the audience through improvisation and asking questions to keep students interested.

Along with information, the program also provided a list of resources for those who need it to seek help regarding sexual issues. The hosts talked about resources like counseling services here at Campbell and websites like, which reached out to people like rape survivors or other people seeking guidance.

At first, I almost considered not going to the program. I don’t typically go to parties, I’m not sexually active, and I imagine a good time as a night of Panda Express and a How I Met Your Mother marathon on the couch. But I learned that night that the information the program provided can benefit everyone. Issues like society’s warped views of genders, sexual assault, and rape don’t go away just because I don’t see them. And by being aware of these issues, I as well as those who attended can take action.

Written by: Emily McIntosh

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