Professor Kenny Visits Tanzania

Communication Studies Professor Pete Kenny recently traveled with the Campbell Medical School to Tanzania, Africa for missionary work. Kenny spent his time at the City of Hope Medical Clinic. The clinic is an important establishment for the local people. If the clinic were not there, then the closest medical assistance would be an hour away. Campbell University has a relationship with the City of Hope and takes students there for mission work every few years. Everyone who goes is touched in some way.

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Kenny describes the trip to Tanzania as an overall great experience. He told several stories from the trip, but the one that stood out the most was about how a child had gotten a burn on her body.The mother had brought her child in, but they had been sent home.  When the doctor came in and saw the picture, he was immediately concerned the child needed medical attention. The mother had no phone so they had no way to contact her.They sent someone out to where she lived to bring the baby to see the doctor.  The mother walked the entire way holding her severely burned daughter in her arms. When they got there, the little girl was treated for the burn and taken care of.  Throughout the many trials that these people endure, they do not complain, but are instead, grateful for whatever they get. Professor Kenny said that all the people he met while on the trip, especially the kids, made it a heart-moving experience.

To see more stories of the City of Hope, visit

Written by: Ashley Howerton

Contributed by:Marisa Linton

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