Where Do I Live? Part 1

Monday, everyone got the lecture about housing sign-ups. It is now going to be done electronically, and preference is not given by credit hours. It is based off of how many years you have lived here. Besides all the changes, there is still one thing to decide… where do I live next year? Some of you may have it all planned out; however, some may not. If you don’t and are still in a conundrum of where you want to live on campus next year, hopefully this will help.

In this post, you can read about the upper classman dorms on campus and hear from those who have stayed there about the pros and cons. Make sure to check back later in the week, though, for apartment overviews.



  • Female
  • 3 Floors
  • Couplet Style Bathrooms
  • Hall Style Room Arrangement

This dorm is in a great central location, being a short distance from Lundy, Marshbanks, and Academic Circle. Although, older, it is well kept and has good internet access. Emily McIntosh, has lived there for the past year and has some insight.

Pros: “I enjoy living in Jones as it is a short distance from many places. It is also great to have the window unit AC so I can adjust the room temperature as desired.”

Cons: ” The negatives of Jones are the semi-awkward room arrangements. The rooms are narrow and have little wall space. The showers are also really narrow and small.”


  • Female
  • 3 Floors
  • Couplet Bathroom Style
  • Hall Style Room Arrangement

Powell is also centrally located; it’s right next to Jones and is attached to the Rumley Center. Hannah Joyce, an RA there, shares her thoughts on the dorm.

Pros: “For being in a dorm, I’ve never had any complaints about the space in Powell.  The residents have enough room for all of their accessories and love the adequate storage space each room provides.”

Cons: “The biggest problem in Powell is the heating system.  Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of heat! However, the heating system is old and runs by pushing steam through the old rusty pipes which creates loud noises periodically throughout the day.”


  • Female
  • 3 Floors
  • Couplet Style Bathrooms
  • Hall Room Arrangements

Burkott is located near Shouse. It shares a communal entrance with McCall and Small. Sonya Phannouvong, a year long resident, gives her opinion on this dorm.

Pros: “Burkot has large showers. You don’t feel cramped when you’re taking a shower. I also really like that it has a lobby on each floor.

Cons: “Burkot has issues with heating, but the RAs are really good with reporting any problems to maintenance.”


  • Male
  • 3 Floors
  • Couplet Bathroom Style
  • Suite Room Set Up

McCall is located near Shouse Dining Hall. Zach Roberson, an RA there, explains what he thinks of the dorm.

Pros: “I love the halls recreational areas, we have a lobby with a pool table an air hockey table and a ping-pong table.”

Cons: “I think location does kinda hurt it. I like that we are closer to Shouse, but the fact that it is so far from Lundy is a downfall. My Bike makes it better though.”


  • Male
  • 3 Floors
  • Suite Bathroom Style
  • Suite Room Arrangement

Sauls is near Shouse and is the only upper classman dorm with suite style room arrangement. Jacob Shires shares his thoughts on the residence hall.

Pros: “I like the in-suite lobbies. They are great to chill and hang out in.”

Cons: “Sharing a bathroom with 8 guys and only 2 shower heads is not the greatest thing in the world.”

Hopefully this helps you decide where to live. If you aren’t interested in a dorm than make sure to check back for apartment insights.

Housing Sign-Ups:

  1. April 1-2: Squatters
  2. April 3: 4th Year Residents
  3. April 4-5: 3rd Year Residents
  4. April 8-9: 2nd Year Residents
  5. April 10-12: 1st Year Residents.

Written by: Marisa Linton

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