Student Wins Statewide Election

44383_382999915123789_81245364_nLouis Duke,a sophomore in political science and communication studies, was recently elected to the position of President of North Carolina College Democrats.

He has been involved in College Democrats since his freshman year and has enjoyed every minute of it.

“Immediately, I saw an amazing capacity to make real change in politics. From there, I just kept going and getting more involved,” Duke said.

His duties will be to serve as the head of the NC College Democrats. As the head, Duke is responsible for establishing chapters of College Democrats on campuses across the country and maintaining the longterm vision and development of the organization.

Running for President has been a result of a passion to make a difference in a cause he believes in. Duke cares about the voices of students.

“I love being involved in politics because I love standing up for students. So often the voices of students are drowned out because politicians view us as apathetic and disengaged with civic life, so when a student actually speaks out and becomes an advocate, politicians listen, because they know what you’re saying is something you truly believe and it matters.”

Duke is excited for the upcoming year and looks forward to taking part in Senator Hagan’s reelection process.

Congratulations Louis!

Written by:Marisa Linton

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