Campus is Turning Green

And I don’t mean the pollen cloud hovering in the sky. I mean the beautiful sunshine, the green grass, and the blossoms on the trees! This warm weather is also a sign of finals, which sounds terrible but is really a great thing because….

The Yearbooks Are In!

Yes we know you are all excited to get your own copy of the yearbook…and for summer to be right around the corner, but more importantly the yearbooks. Nolan Perry did a more than fantastic job on his last yearbook! Make sure to get your copies on Publication Day. Our staff will be out in front of Marshbanks on April 24th and April 25th.

Do not forget to take plenty of pictures over the summer and share them with the Pine Burr so we can put them in our next book! I am looking forward to a new start with the staff and cannot wait to put all of Campbell’s memories together.

Your new editor,
Joanna D’Ancona

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