The Feeling of Summer

The feeling is overwhelming, magnificent, exuberating, and just plain amazing. That feeling is brought on by the end of finals and the beginning of summer…the feeling that students all across campus are experiencing. Students may be exhausted from late night studying, and they may be sad to say good-bye to friends; however, those feelings are overcome with the wonderful emotions of accomplishment, relief, and anticipation. Many feel accomplished at completing another year of college; for some it is their first, and others, their last. There is relief that the stress is over and finals are a thing of the past. Then, there is anticipation for all things summer. Whether those summer activities include soaking up the rays of the sun, poking toes in the sand, traveling to amazing destinations, catching up on sleep, working a summer job, or just being lazy — hopefully, everyone  will have that feeling of summer along with a  smile on their face.


Pine Burr would like to wish everyone a great summer. Good luck to those graduating! We know you will do great things. We also welcome the new incoming students. Here are to days without exams!

Written by: Marisa Linton

Note: The blog will be taking a summer break of its own and will not post as much. Periodically, there may be posts about orientation or another story about how great Campbell students are. See you in the fall!

One thought on “The Feeling of Summer

  1. Some of us will still be taking classes over the summer because we’re (1) trying to graduate ahead of schedule (2) addicted to learning (3) afraid of summer (4) none of the aforementioned (5) all the aforementioned

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