Just the Beginning


One of the most jam packed weeks is upon us–Welcome Week. It is filled with all sorts of fun events that allow you to get to know people and gently end summer.

Go to as many things as you can and be sure to look out for the Yearbook cameras! We will be at most of the events and want you in our Yearbook! This is only the beginning!

Aug. 17-24, 2013

A look at the up and coming week:

Sat. Aug. 17– Day One of Move In

  • Welcome Dinner, Convocation Center 5pm,
  • Freshman Welcome Party, Academic Circle, 5pm
  • Men’s Soccer vs. Wake Forest, 7pm
  • Movie: Fast and Furious 6 , Turner Auditorium, 11pm

Sun. Aug. 18–Day Two of Move In

  • Freshman Worship Service, Butler Chapel, 10am
  • Love Thy Neighbor Service Project, Academic Circle, 1pm
  • Bingo, Turner Auditorium, 9pm
  • Ice Cream Party, Academic Circle, 9:45pm

Mon. Aug. 19–

  • Wet’n Wild Trip Sign-ups, Student Center, 12pm
  • Presiden’ts Picnic, Gore Arena, 5pm
  • Hypnotist Dale K, Turner Auditorium, 8pm

Tues. Aug. 20–

  • Running of the Camels 5K Run, starts at Aquatic Center, 8am
  • Sign-ups for UNC-Charlotte vs. CU Football Game Trip, Info Desk, 9am
  • Street Fair, Fellowship Commons, 6pm

Wed. Aug. 21–

  • Classes Begin, 8am
  • Campus Ministry Night, Butler Chapel, 6:30pm

Thur. Aug. 22–

  • Club Sports Open House, D. Rich, 6pm
  • Headphone Disco, McCall court, 9pm

Fri. Aug. 23–

  • Party in the Park (Mud Volleyball, Waterslides and Food), Saylor Park, 2pm
  • Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness, Turner Auditorium, 9pm

Sat. Aug. 24–

  • Wet’n Wild Trip, Fine Arts Lot, 9am
  • Football Scrimmage, Barker Lane Stadium, 12pm

Be sure to check out the Calendar for a full list of Campbell events and activities.


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