Letter from the Editors

Hey guys!

We wanted to first of all say thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Street Fair. Every single one of the chocolate covered pretzels were gone…even the broken ones. The photo booth was a smash! All those amazing outfits with the hats, bling, glasses, and feathers are sure to win some kind of fashion award. The photos turned out great. Ya’ll were some great looking camels! If you want a copy of the photos, they are on our Facebook page. Be sure to tag yourself and like our page.

We also had loads of you sign up with an interest in Yearbook. Can’t wait to see all of you at the meeting (Monday at 5:30). If you have any questions or special interests, don’t hesitate to email us.

Street Fair is always a fun event. Hello, you get free stuff!! What’s not to like. Between free snow cones, sweet tea, coffee, candy, popcorn, and more goodies, you get your food fix. There were also great coupons, giveaways, and so many clubs to sign up for. Maybe, one of the best parts has to be the live camels. Whether you got to ride one or were lucky enough to be spit on, they were pretty legit.

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We are so incredibly excited about this year and hope to create an awesome book for you guys. It will be a great year full of many pictures, quotes, blog posts, and fun. Even if you aren’t a part of the Yearbook staff, you can still participate. Send us your photos of camel life, tell us an interesting story, give your opinion, or just follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We don’t want you guys to just be in the Yearbook but an interactive part of it.


Joanna D’Ancona (jldancona1113@email.campbell.edu)


Marisa Linton (mdlinton0603@email.campbell.edu)

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