Celebrating Our Heroes

Saturday’s football game was special in more than one way. Not only did we have a record breaking crowd, but it was the Military Appreciation game.

We are all so privileged to live in the country we do, and that is made possible by our military. Among the sea of orange and black, were those dressed in fatigues, and Campbell paid tribute to them. Even Gaylord was in fatigues! The day started off with the Campbell’s Veteran’s Club’s photo op with head coach Mike Minter at the tailgate before the game. The veterans could be seen grilling burgers, playing corn hole, and talking to each other.

Mike Minter meets with the Veteran's Club
Mike Minter meets with the Veteran’s Club

This was followed by the chance to run Campbell’s football team on the field. What an exciting opportunity!

The most moving time during the game was when the new ROTC recruits wore sworn in. All military, active or not, were asked to stand and repeat their oath of Induction into the military. It was a moving scene.

Despite our 30-10 loss against Charleston South, it was a great game filled with many highlights. Not only was there a record amount of people at the game and our military was honored, but the CU baseball team was honored for their winning season. It was certainly a great night for all!

Thank you to our military. We appreciate all the sacrifices you make!


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Written by: Marisa Linton

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